2 hubs on the same network

Hi All,

Sorry if this is in the wrong section…

Wanted to pick your combined brain power to see if i have made a bit of a mistake…

Situation is this, I have a Smarthings Hub in the house and various sensors and lights etc and its all working well !

I also have a small office at the end of my garden for the days im working from home, known as the Man Cave :slight_smile:

i wanted to add some sensors etc in to the man cave but its too far from the hub even using a few plugs to try and extend the range im not getting any joy…

So in the black Friday sale i took the plunge and got another hub… and i think this is where my mistake might have happened, can i have 2 hubs on the same network. i know they need to be in different locations in the app etc that’s fine i have set all that up but i cannot get the second hub to go active, its registered on my account but just shows as inactive. i have left it over night and its still the same.

Im wondering if the two hubs are trying to use the same ports on the network or something along those lines, the original hub is working fine still, i ran out of time last night to do any more playing with it but i will have a play again tomorrow. but i was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on this.

Thanks for reading and any help gratefully received before i have to admit to the wife i have screwed up…

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I haven’t done it myself, but my understanding is that what you’re trying to do should work just fine as long as each hub is counted as a different location.

I have two hubs on the same network in my house. I use one for experimenting things and its in my study room. The second one is the main hub and I use that for my home. Note that I have different e-mail accounts for each hub…they are not on the same account. Even if you had them on the same account it should still be fine I guess…You just would have to offset the location of one hub slightly or something on those lines.


I have a V2 hub in the house and a V1 hub in the workshop about 150 feet away on the same LAN and they are fine.

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This isn’t entirely how networking works but yes both hubs will attempt to connect to ST’s cloud on the same destination ports however, due to NAT, the hubs will have their connections initiated from a different source port.

ST’s cloud won’t initiate a connection to your hub, they can’t or rather they wouldn’t be able to unless you did some port forwarding, instead the hub will initiate the connection and reach out to the cloud and the cloud will communicate back on this now open connection. Because each hub will appear from a different source port, they won’t ‘conflict’ or get their packets confused.

Well, thanks every one, Got home from work tonight and 3 little Green lights greeted me !! :slight_smile: all set up and working Fine :slight_smile:

Thanks again !


Sorry for the thread resurrection, but…

I need to temporarily work on somebody else’s V1 Hub in my house, where I already have my own V1 Hub; both on a single-subnet LAN.

I don’t want either set up as ‘secondary’ to the other.
I just want them to each be their own HA environment, with their own sets of completely separate smart devices, etc.

As far as I read the thread above, it seems like this should be OK.
Are there any specific problems I should watch out for?

well i have 2x hubs (ok there v2) on the same network and there both working fine, no issues at all, just annoying that you cannot get alerts from one via the other or allow them to share sensors, but the do both work :slight_smile:

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You just need to set them up as two different “locations” in your smartthings account . Or two different accounts. Either of those will work on the same network as long as they don’t share devices. SmartThings doesn’t care what network you connect to, Or what building you are in, But it can’t handle two hubs on the same account “location.”

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OK, cool. Ya, they’re both on separate accounts. I just need to do some troubleshooting with the ‘Guest’ hub.

Thanks a lot, guys! :slight_smile:

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