Smartthings hub on modem 2 routers

Hi guys,

I am very new in all smartthings. I goy a question. Mine smartthings hub is connected with wifi on mine modem. I got 2 routers first floor and second floor. On first floor everything works perfect on the second floor I got a switch from tradfri ikea. And many times mine smartthings can’t find that switch. Even if I have the routers and modem same wifi name and password. Anyone got an idea how this is? And why?

Each router would have their own subnet. ST can only find devices on the same subnet it is on. Or did you confuse the term routers for switches?

Hi thnx for answering. No routers I mean routers. Ok like that, is there a way to connect to the routers?

Consider a mesh Wi-Fi system

Possibly bridge one of them?

Most router can be put in switch mode. So if you just need connectivity on the next floor the second router should be set up as a switch then everything can be on the same subnet.

OKe thnx for al advice,

Lets see. i got one modem right from mine provider, and 2 accespoints wifi. the all have the same inlog info so bassicaly there is one wifi signal. and cant put them in bridge mode the routers are- tp link arcer c7. cant change anything in them. but they are accespoints. The strage thing is that i can use the outlet switch with google home(that is connected with smartthings) but i cant use it trough the smartthings app!?

Switch mode = Bridge
Modems from providers are less friendly. That is why I purchase my own equipment. Plus the rental savings is nice.