Multiple hub offline instances today - just me?

I’ve had I think four instances of hub offline this morning - says it’s offline, all devices show red dots, and then a few minutes later it comes back. I’m on na02-useast1.

Anyone else getting this flaky behavior?

Edit: Offline again now, and this time it doesn’t look like it’s coming back. Going to reboot it.

Mine went offline this morning and again just now.


My hub was down for about 5 Minutes a few minutes ago. I also can not access nor and

OK, Thanks. Glad it isn’t just me. :slight_smile:

Ah - re-read your message…DNS issue?

There is another thread on issues with Alexa. Wondering if it is aws

Yup, not good for the online world if aws is having problems.

My ST app is still not working

Some good news, I guess, assuming this is AWS-driven, at least this wasn’t another ST-driven outage! :slight_smile:

AWS status page now loads and it shows everything is normal

I can’t go into the AWS nor can I enter my PC IDE. The wheel just keeps spinning until I close the tab.


I believe I’m on shard 1, with a V1 hub, and I’m offline at the moment.

status page is back…

things are returning now. nest is back and others

OK, I am back up for now. The Smartthing Status has only said that their support was having intermittent abilities to answer calls, but nothing about the outage.


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hub off and on all day, on right now, but several devices are showing up as unavailable. restarted hub, still several devices are showing as unavailable, others are fine. alexa cannot access the ones that are unavailable. however, they still work from the app.