Hub going offline

So over the last twenty minutes my hub has gone offline, come back on, then gone off again about 6 times. Is anybody else experiencing this? My internet is stable on other machines that are connected.

There’s a whole other thread following this. Myself and others have also been experiencing problems.

Contact Support instead of messing with it.

It came back online about 15 minutes ago and hasn’t gone offline again yet, so we will see.

Let me ask this question. What shard are you on? Login to and see what shard (url) you are redirected to. If na04-useast2, there have been a few users today reporting some odd behavior. Could be an offset from the outage last night or something new.

graph-na02-useast1. I did experience the outage last night.

Same shard I’m on. No issues here.

Ya, last night I believe affected everyone globally at the same time, whereas the outage on Jan 3rd - 4th, impacted a single shard at a time. Kind of a rolling outage.

No issues here either. Rock solid today in fact.

Mine is online and sort of working. It’s very spotty but then, it’s been spotty for the past three months or so. After 1 of the many updates we’ve received, it has not been reliable since. I think since around October 2017. I’ve been using this controller for about 3 yrs and it’s been great. Not so much in recent months and it’s getting really old really fast now. Most days, I come home from work and the motion sensors are not triggering the lights anymore until I ask Alexa to turn on the light then it works fine or I flip the light switch off and on again. Getting tired of this instability. Starting to look for something else now.

Just checked Events for the Office sensor and last detection looks like 2 days ago

2018-01-16 9:16:37.578 PM MST
2 days ago DEVICE motion active Office Sensor detected motion


Just took the battery out of the sensor and put it back in. Now it is working again. So, do I have to do this on a reg basis now I wonder.

Just logged onto the app this morning (UK) and mine has started going offline quite regularly too.

It is a pain, mine went offline yesterday evening again didn´t come back on their own since now. I´m also facing that 2 z-wave sensative stripes went offline too. This is now the second time that this happens in the last days. Hopefully a hard reboot will fix this again.
Having ST now for some weeks and until this week everything was running very stable.
I´m wondering if this happens if I want to add a new thing to the ST. I tried to add something yesterday and 2 or 3 days ago when they also went offline.