Multiple harmony hubs

I had a harmony hub setup and working well with smartthings. Today I added two more hubs and cannot get them discovered. Do I need to remove the original one and start over? I’ve made sure all firmware is updated and all the obvious things. Any ideas would be appreciated.

As long as all three are on the same harmony account just go into the harmony connect SmartThings app and give it some time. Should find them. Assuming the st implementation isn’t still/again broken.

I have the same problem. Using Amazon Echo -> SmartThings -> Logitech Harmony Hub (Elite) fine with the one Logitech hub. Bought a refurb Logitech Harmony Hub (Smart Home) but SmartThings doesn’t find the new hub when discovering Things, only the existing hub. Any suggestions? This should work, correct? I don’t want to have to start from scratch, remove everything from Echo, and SmartThings. The Harmony Hubs are on the same account, configured and work. They can connect to SmartThings, just not the other way around.

Here is part of the log. I wonder if the timeouts are an issue or not. (Lines truncated for readability)
11:44:29 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=20
11:44:26 AM: trace [[id:20813102, name:TV Soft, type:1], [id:20807767, name:Netflix, type:15], [id:20917594,…
11:43:33 AM: debug description is catchall: 0104 0006 0A 01 0140 00 B505 00 00 0000 0B 01 0000
11:43:24 AM: debug description is catchall: 0104 0006 0A 01 0140 00 B505 00 00 0000 0B 01 0100
11:43:24 AM: warn Connection to the hub timed out. Please restart the hub and try again.
11:43:13 AM: trace [[id:20813102, name:TV Soft, type:1], [id:20807767, name:Netflix, type:15], [id:20917594,…
11:43:13 AM: trace Read timed out
11:42:57 AM: warn Connection to the hub timed out. Please restart the hub and try again.
11:42:47 AM: trace [[id:20813102, name:TV Soft, type:1], [id:20807767, name:Netflix, type:15], [id:20917594,…
11:42:53 AM: trace Read timed out
11:42:35 AM: trace Command sent succesfully
11:39:59 AM: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 329621336789891
11:39:59 AM: warn Connection to the hub timed out. Please restart the hub and try again.
11:39:49 AM: trace [[id:20813102, name:TV Soft, type:1], [id:20807767, name:Netflix, type:15], [id:20917594,…
11:39:49 AM: trace Read timed out
11:39:38 AM: trace [[id:20813102, name:TV Soft, type:1], [id:20807767, name:Netflix, type:15], [id:20917594,…
11:39:38 AM: trace Read timed out
11:39:26 AM: debug valid Token
11:39:26 AM: trace Discovering devices…
11:39:34 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=20

Thank you.

I have three running. Unfortunately every time I added another I had to delete them all and remove the harmony app then reinstall the app then the new hub would show up.

Thank you for the feedback, Matt. I’ll do that when I get time.

I just got an elite about 2 weeks ago and I’m having issues getting echo to recognise some activities and edits to activities. If I tell Alexa to turn on Netflix it works, if I tell her to turn on Amazon ( both on my ps3 ) it’s a no go. I’ve found that alexa to harmony works great thru the ifttt app. Think I’ll just keep the harmony hub linked to smartthings so I can control my lights with the remote although as of now the lights are on automations so not really necessary and if I want to adjust the dimming it’s usually easier with Alexa.

After removing all Harmony related items from SmartThings and adding it back, I was able to find both hubs.

Yep, same thing worked for me when I added a second hub.

I just did this as well and it worked. Thanks

In the Harmony smart app. I just added a Harmony Hub to my existing Harmony ultimate, all I had to do was log out of Harmony and log back in just like the smart app said. It did stall a minute before finding the second hub.

So you can control both harmony hubs in the same screen? For instance, you can have two hubs in two different rooms and use a programmed command to turn on two receivers?

In SmartThings (ST), the Harmony Activities show up as Switches. These Switches work just like Activities in the Harmony App. To answer your question, you can send a separate commands to separate Harmony Hubs using the same command. ST doesn’t care how many Harmony Hubs you have.

For Example:

I make a Routine in ST to turn on: Dining Room Light, Kitchen Light and Den Light.

I can also make the same Routine in ST to turn on: Harmony Hub 1 Activity 1, Harmony Hub 2 Activity 15 and Harmony Hub 3 Activity 4

However, as stated before, these Switches act just like the Harmony Activities. Most Harmony Activities will turn off the current Activity when turning on another. There are instances where two Harmony Activities can be on at the same time via 1 Hub however, this is not typical behavior.

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I am planning to buy a Harmony Elite. If I have a 2 different TVs in 2 different rooms and each is setup as a separate device with its own hub (since they are IR TVs, I need hubs to reach them), can’t I just program the 2 TVs as separate devices with their own outputs? My scenario suggests they are BOTH tuned to the same thing, so I can go from room to room and not miss any content. Eventually, I will want to expand this to include Firesticks, but again, both set to the same content. O my current remotes, I think I can program them to NOT turn off devices or at least, turn them back on, when switching activities.

Yes, the Activities are specific to each Hub. The only command, that I know of, that works across all Hubs is the “All Off”. Each Activity shows up as a “Device” in ST.

To keep things “simple”, I typically put the name of the room in front of the various devices and keep the [Harmony Activity] behind the name of the Activity.

@rontalley Thanks a lot!! It appears that the Elite has a good level of “future proofing”. You have helped me decide to buy one to replace my old Harmony One, which was been great until I got a Firestick and had to fiddle with multiple remotes.