Multiple Devices Offline Since Mid July

Starting in mid-July several of my devices went offline and I have not been able to get them back on. Some were Z-Wave and some were ZigBee. I wondered if the ZigBee ones were offline due to this issue. I was hoping they’d come back on their own or with an update, but that has not happened. Up until this point I have not messed with any drivers, everything has been default. While troubleshooting I did join and install the drivers from philh30 and I can see it in the driver list in the SmartThings app. The devices that are offline show offline in the SmartThings app, and the driver option for them is grayed out so I can’t change them. I did exclude a couple and add them back as a test (Fish tank lights and Arcade machine), but they did not use the new drivers. I’m thinking the fingerprints are not in the philh30 drivers. When I added them back, they showed up as online, but when I clicked on them I got the popup “This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later.” They are using the stock driver and they don’t work. I was able to change the driver using the API Browser tool, but the device I tested with still shows offline. It’s highly possible I did something wrong in the process though. Do I need to actually exclude all my devices and then add them back? Do I need to delete the stock drivers from the SmartThings app completely? The info for the offline devices is in the attached pictures. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Your issue is most likely related to ST migrating devices from the legacy groovy Device Handlers to Edge Drivers. In most cases, switching to community developed drivers will resolve most of your offline issues.

let’s start with the lock and ge switches… definitely change them to @philh30 drivers. if any are offline, do a general exclusion on them, add the Edge drivers and add the devices back. If any are S2, scan the QR code.

for locks and ge switches → Channel Invitation

for cree bulbs, try @Mariano_Colmenarejo edge drivers: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

You do not need to remove the old stock drivers at this point.

also, another tool for you to use: Advanced Web App

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