My Zwave devices all went offline (March 2019)

Something happened today and all of my zwave devices went offline.
All of my Zigbee devices are still connected.

This is on my boat 120 miles away so I cannot just go there and devote my evening to solving this.

Smartthings support… What’s going on???

Find the thread about Firmware 25.026

Some (lots of?) folks having issues


Having the same problem but just in my son’s home. My house is ok but we both have the Sam Hubs.

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Known problem, it’s listed on the official status page.

See the official announcement thread:

This message states that all hubs should have received the fix. I don’t think so. I still have problems.

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Have you tried rebooting from the ide?

I would try that if I knew what it is. This forum looks like it’s made up of people that are coders/programmers and I am neither. I wish there was a forum for those not so gifted.

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Login to choose hubs and then view utilities. Reboot is there.

We are really a bunch of regular people. I was just like you starting off. Give it some time and you’ll catch on!


To be honest I was just thinking of that very thing when you replied.

I went online and found that all of my devices were actually connected to the hub, just the App was not showing that status correctly.

Rebooted the hub and the problem is solved.



Let me guess: new app?

I followed what you said but I can not find utilities to Reboot. Where is it on the menu?

Once in the IDE, go to My Hubs and select your hub. Next, click on View Utilities. Now scroll down to hub commands and click on Reboot Hub.

Thanks, I found it. Problem was this Hub is under my son’s ID and I signed in with mine.

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Almost had a heart attack.

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@Kianoosh_Karami I saw this a lot during the various 25.x betas. In discussions with @cbaumler it appears the backend for the new app isn’t very good at handling the hub going offline and back online.

Reboot fixed my offline issue as well.

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