Multiple Administrators with a Connect Home

So, I’ve got a Samsung Connect Home mesh wi-fi thing. Based on Samsung’s support article, I was under the impression I’d be able to add my family members and they’d be able to change the settings if they needed to. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The additional members just get a screen with the SSID and the password, with no ability to change or view settings. Is there any way to let them actually control the Connect Home, or is it special somehow and only the “Owner” can manage it?

I’m just another customer, so I may be wrong on this, but my understanding is that where it says:

Now they can control or manage any of the connected devices in that location.

Does not refer to the hub itself or to the Wi-Fi mesh network. It refers to the other devices like light switches or sensors that you have connected to the account. Only the owner of the account has admin access. But you can check with support to be sure.

I use SmartThings Wifi… I just checked the app on my husband’s phone and it appears that he can do pretty much everything I can do including add devices and create automations. He is logged in under his own Samsung account.

@Meepsicles, did you send your members an invitation through the new ST app or have them scan the QR code in the app with their phones?

If I recall correctly, don’t you have the second generation Wi-Fi mesh hub? The one with Plume?

@Meepsicles Specified the first generation, which was called “connect home” and does not have plume. It has very different network administration features.

The invitation was via QR code. Does it make a difference?

Yes, I do have the newest version, the one with Plume.

I think there is a lot of confusion about (and interchangeable language between) the “connect home” and the “wifi mesh” because the “connect home” is also a mesh wifi system that works similarly. I know when I first got mine, I did not realize these were 2 different systems right away. Samsung does not help matters when they don’t make it clear which version of the device they are talking about in support articles such as the one @Meepsicles shared (although the article is on the Samsung website which I eventually realized refers to the SmartThings Wifi system.) Since he is new to the community, is just now attempting to add members and he linked to this particular support article, I assumed he may have just bought the system and was talking about the newest version.

My apologies @Meepsicles if I assumed incorrectly and confused you more.

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Yes, Samsung seems to be particularly bad at naming Home Automation Devices. :scream:

The first version was called “Samsung Connect Home.” Model number ET-WV520BWEG . It has only one word on the top, “Samsung.” It was sold in both a US and UK version.

The second version is called “SmartThings WiFi with Plume.” Model number WV525BWEG . It was not sold in the UK, probably because of restrictions on plume. It has two words on the top, “Samsung” and “smartthings.“

So a new community member from England might have purchased the Connect Home model recently. But that model was discontinued in the US when the version with plume was released. So, yes, it’s confusing. :thinking:

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell the two apart because of the different logos on the top. If it just says Samsung, it’s a connect home model. If it says both Samsung and smartthings, then it’s the newer model with Plume.

(At least as of this writing. :wink:)

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