Connect Home Pro and Samsung Smartthings WiFi?

I have two Connect Home Pros and need to add a 3rd, however, I can’t find these available anymore (except a few expensive ones through 3rd parties on Amazon). The Samsung site doesn’t mention compatibility, but does mention that the newer ones are also a mesh network.

Does anyone know if these are compatible or do I need to get one of the pricy second-hand ones from Amazon?

Another option I was wondering about is whether I could use a WiFi extender to connect the two Home Pros (Home Pro <-> Extender <-> Home Pro). My ultimate goal is to get my Arlos, which are on a garage on the other side of the property, to have reliable connectivity.


Unfortunately They are not compatible. :disappointed_relieved: The connect home series has been discontinued. The new series, “smartthings Wi-Fi“ uses a different network management system, plume. So you can’t mix the two models.

Thanks JD… wasn’t sure if the Home Pro used the same Plume system or not since it too is a “mesh” network. I appreciate the info.

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They are both Wi-Fi mesh, but not the same Wi-Fi mesh protocol. I believe the connect line uses a homegrown Samsung version but apparently they just didn’t want to invest in keeping up with all the features that the market now demands, such as parental controls, so for the newer line they partnered with plume.

There are lots of different Wi-Fi mesh protocols, pretty much every brand has its own, and they do not operate together. So you can’t use an eero subhub with a ubiquiti or Samsung mesh Hub. Each brand only works with its own.

Yeah, I’m familiar with the different mesh protocols. I was just hoping that Connect Home and the new “WiFi” hubs both used Plume. The compatibility information is lacking, so I was hoping it just meant they were using the same protocol. I’ll just order a Connect Home through a 3rd party and call it a day.

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