Multi sensor "active"

I have a ST multi sensor used on my back door. When it’s opened it also says “active” and “inactive” as well as opened/closed.

When its saying active/inactive is this the accelerometer? It always shows in the log this when it’s opened/closed.


Yes. That is the accelerometer.

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Thanks, can this be split into just using the accelerometer or switch somehow?

On a side note, getting iOS notifications from multi sensors, if I also want a text sent to my iPhone does this cost? How does this work? If so it’s just I got numerous notifications that the multi sensor switch was opened, even though it was opened once. I’d presume that I’d get numerous texts, too many for one opening?

Since a week ago - the emergency update? - my accelerometers have no name associated with them.

You would use each one separately in your smartapps or rules.
The contact sensor would show up in the contact sensor selection. The accelerometer shows up in the accelerometer area. Lastly, temperature shows up in your temperature drop downs.

As for the text messages, that is carrier and plan specific if you would be charged.

Is it showing that way in the mobile app, the IDE, or both?
If you have only looked at one, check the other. If it’s that way in both, you will likely need to contact support. If it’s only one and not the other, you may need to update your app (if you haven’t done so). Still may need support though

I just checked, it’s both, I’ll mail support.