Smartsense Multisensor and Vibration

How do you get this device to show vibration instead of open/closed?

Acceleration is what you want.

Great! How do i get it to show that?

It should be part of the device type. If you go into the IDE what device type is listed for the device?

Go to Once logged in Click ‘My Devices’ Under the ‘Type’ column the device should be listed as ‘SmartSense Multi Sensor’. If it is then acceleration is part of the device type. When building your rule you will need to select ‘acceleration’ for the capability. It is possible that the SmartApp you are using doesn’t support that capability. What SmartApp are you using? What are you trying to do?

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Well. The sensor is attached to a $200,000 cosmetic laser. I’d like to use it to detect movement and incorporate it into an alarm system to receive notifications if it’s moved.

LOL. I would probably use a more stable system if you have anything of value you want to protect. The multi-sensor will tell you if someone moves it. Theoretically it should work for what you want. I would use Rule Machine to build the logic.

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Hi @Arlo_Miller. When ST moved to app 2.x, that ability to choose things like that got “accidentally” removed.

Your only options are to create your own device type modeled after ST’s and tweak what the default is, OR install version 1.7.6 of the app that still let’s you make those changes which show up in app 2.x. That’s what I do.

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