Multi Sensor - change in iOS app - what is inactive?

Maybe this is new behavior in the iphone app - or maybe I have inadvertently just turned something on that has been there all along.

My multisensors today started showing up with a new icon labeled “inactive”. If I select the settings gear from my Things view, I can apparently activatee one of three things - the normal door sensor, the temperature sensor, or Inactive.

Okay, you might think that if you select the Inactive setting, you would no longer get notifications. Not so. As far as I can tell, no behavior changes result from selecting any of the three possibilities - other than the display. So it seems this is probably for people who want a specific view in the Things display - like temperature. (But try finding this out! Searches for “inactive” on the site, the docs, and the message boards do not yield any clues.)

So, if I select the big motion sensor guy, I always see the state of proximity magnet in the Things menu. If I select the temperature icon, I get that. Inactive? Does that just mean I don’t want to see anything? WWYWTDT?

inactive will show active if the sensor senses acceleration.

You are right it’s just 3 different options for your things view to help you get the information you use the most, fastest.

Thanks Greg, that makes sense.

I new that the MultiSensor could sense orientation - I did not know that it generated acceleration events as well.

  • Mark

It will be using an accelerometer to determine orientation.

How, you ask, when it’s not moving? Ahhh, but everybody forgets about gravity…F=MA…