Tilt Sensor Smartthings Smart Home Monitor

Can a tilt sensor be used as a open/close? What I’d like to do is have the alarm system go off if the garage door is opened.

What manufacturer / brand / model of Tilt Sensor?

The Monoprice, Z-Wave, for example, emulates a Contact Sensor (open/closed) with no changes required.

The SmartThings Multi-Sensor needs either a special DTH or SmartApp, depending on the situation. I think the DTH is available in the IDE.

Thank you and sorry for taking so long to reply. My GoControl garage door z-wave controller arrived. I didn’t realize until that point that the tilt sensor is designed to talk to the controller. Anyway, sure enough the garage controller is designed to share that data with the Smart Home Monitor and treat it as an open/close sensor.

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