Multi-button remotes with the new Smartthings App?

Hi Everyone, I have a Fibaro Key Fob and a Remotec Scene Master which I have been using for more than a year now. Both of these work great with the Classic app, based on Device Handlers from the community (ClassicGOD for the Fibaro and erocm123 for the Scene Master)

But when using the new app, these devices don’t seem to work - the individual buttons on these devices dont show up, and I’m not able to use the individual buttons in automations either. Contacted Samsung about this and they simply say that custom DTHs are not fully supported in the new app yet.

Any of you using these devices and able to get them fully operational with the new app? Thanks!

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I’d either seek out a standard DTH that works with those devices or ask the custom DTH developers to update their code.


Yes, I use minimotes and Kyse custom DTH. In the new app there is no functionality either. Hopefully ST or someone will update the remote UI so we can have the same UI/WebCore experience.

my minimotes work fine in the new app with the standard DTH that has been updated to work with the new app. BUT, i did have to exclude and re-include it to pull in the fixes to the standard DTH.

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Found a (not so elegant) solution for the fibaro. Paired it first using the custom DTH, so I could set the parameter values i wanted and sync them to the device. then i changed it to the standard DTH (Z-wave multi button).


I find in the new app that no matter what DTH I use it doesn’t actually create an event for WebCore to act upon. The buttons just say Standby and do nothing unless you assign an action to them. The only way I see to integrate them is to have them toggle a virtual switch so that WebCore can see that event.
Sounds like a mess with 3 remotes and 8 button states, 24 virtual switchs and a rework of the switch/case in my code to a much more rudementary code.

For my understanding, does it create an event in the log at all? if it does, does it specify which button was pressed?

I get nothing in the logging. The 4 main button circles in the app seem to do nothing when touched. You can only assign the button actions for the physical remote press but can’t use it on your cell or tablet.

@daven to clarify, you don’t see button events when tapping the button in the mobile app, or when physically using the button? I have an Ikea 5 button remote that works fine with webcore pistons

App buttons generate no log entries. The physical pushes work in Webcore fine although I haven’t tried programming a button on the app to see if that works but I assume it does.
I was just looking for a nice way to have a tablet with an ActionTiles panel in the rec room.
I can do this the hard way with virtual buttons or just get a new Harmony Elite/hub. Either way I was just tryinig to eliminate another remote on the table and add the cool factor.

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