Much of the information here relates to everyone but yet some is localized

It would be nice if there were a way to have an icon or something showing that the information in the topic relates to only the USA or UK etc. Sometimes you can be reading post after post until you realize it doen’t pertain to your area. Is it just me that notices this? Just a thought, not wanting to step out of place.

I agree it would be nice if people would identify the region that they are in when they’re asking about devices, since these do vary from region to region.

However, I wouldn’t think it should be a really big problem. Most of the time if a post is specific to the UK it will either be in the UK section of the forum or it will have (UK) in the topic title. Or both. :sunglasses:

And I think most people who live in the UK are used to having to ask if a general post will work for them in a US-dominated forum.