Manufacturer Specific Topics/Threads

@April, @Ben, @Mager and @EveryoneElse (hehe)

I’ve noticed we’re getting some topics/threads that are close to being repeats or very similar in content. Some may say it’s because of the search capabilities of the forum, or not. Whatever the reason, I would like to propose that we think about creating some higher level aggregates. Take devices for instance. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything under the Manufacturer Name as a Sub-Topic, then a Model Sub-Topic perhaps?

Good idea, or not?

Lemmie know what you think.

P.S. @April is it possible to add meta/keywords to forum topics/posts?

This sounds like a great idea. Not sure how easy it would be to maintain, though , given the number of manufacturers and models - just look at that Works with SmartThings page AND all the community device types! (Thank you very much for that Fibaro Motion type, by the way!)

I think it would be cool if you could somehow link forums to the works with ST page - I mean, that is already your database of current things, which could be expanded to include future things or community supported. Somehow linking threads to that page, where that acts as the front end to the threads, seems like it would be easier to maintain and help “reduce clutter” in the forums. I made a similar comment many moons ago about having a product database where you could talk about the product AND rate it.

Being an IT director, I’m always looking at how hard it is to maintain something…especially when I promise it! :smile:

Edit - here is that thread:


Unfortunately, the founders / stewards of the Discourse Forum package, are almost militants and vehemently oppose opposed keywords, tags, or any sort of cross Categorization functionality.

They believe that Search :mag: is the only tool needed.

Discourse 1.2 was released today and they announced an official tagging plugin.


We have not enabled the tagging plugin yet for our business customers but plan to do so soon cc @codinghorror


Ohhhhohohoo! Yes. Um : Here’s something embarrassing. I don’t know how to add the plugin, but I see emojis and askismet integration in the tools already. Let me play with it tomorrow.

EDIT: @sam_saffron , that’s good to know! Thanks!

@wackware: It’d be good if it has an easy drop down menu and all. However, if we did, at this time, there’ll be TONS and TONS of sub topic and sub-sub topics, that the main page will look worse than 4chan or reddit. let me table this thought and brainstorm the best way to handle it.

@brainlees I love it. With the new Developer’s portal, there will be links/highlights to projects/stories/ and a front page with that in mind. We’re working on an interface in which you can search features/apps in a way your contributions will be much more visible. Very very close to what you’ve suggested.

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