New status page!

Anyone notice the new status page changes with regional information (currently UK/US)?


Got this email with the update from the usual status update email

Maintenance Details
Systems Update: we are now adding EU notifications to our status page. If you are signed up to subscribe to all status updates you will also receive updates from our UK platform. To manage your subscriptions, please go to

If you were subscribed to all notices you may want to update your settings if you don’t care about other regions.

Will we have to go through and unsubscribe again if another region comes online? Seems they should be off by default and people in that region would need to turn it on…

There are some system limitations that have complicated this. We looks at 3 alternatives and chose the path that have everyone who was subscribed to ALL notices stay subscribe to all - even regions they may not care about. It was the least bad in our opinion. We will evaluate this again, next time we bring on a region (likely early next year)

Ben, Is Canadian system status the same as the US one?

Yes. It it is…


Please consider renaming the region to “North America”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that’s what I call results!

If I knew my wish would be granted so quickly, I would have asked for WebSocket API instead! :wink:

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Exciting for the UK and this ‘new region’ early 2016! Any guesses as to what it’s going to be?