Smartthings Compatability List

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We run into the compatibility question very often on the forums. I was wondering if SmartThings has a different officially supported list of devices for US vs UK, or if they could add a column to the already existing page that simply says where it’s compatible.

Also, it would be helpful for there to be a US / UK icon by a smartthings user that would give us some context for answering some of the more simple questions of compatibility and solutions.

There already is a UK separate list, but you have to come in from the UK version of the site to see it.

@aaron should have the direct URL.

OK, found it. The U.K. List will have “Yale keyless lock” on it – – that’s a model that’s only available in the EU. It also won’t have the GE zwave wall switches or the Kwikset lock models.


Thanks JD,

I still think it would be helpful to also denote on the user level which version[US/UK] they have. It would put more context into discussions.

I agree in principle, although I believe that under EU privacy laws it would have to be an optional identifier that the person would fill-in if they chose to at the time they registered for the forum. I don’t think we can label people by country without their permission.

Remember also that the forum is not limited to people who actually own a smartthings hub. It doesn’t have to be the same email account as your SmartThings account, either. So it would just be information each user would have to be asked for their profile.

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This would be acceptable, and helpful(assuming it’s filled out), but seeing how it probably wouldn’t be filled out I suppose the point is mute -

I think many people, although not all, would be fine if the forum profile at registration had an optional question “are you interested in devices to work with a US model hub or a UK model hub?”

Then just badge them with a hub identifier (not a person identifier) and I think it would be OK. Most people would get that there might be a difference.

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