UK & Ireland Segmentation

Just a thought, not trying to cause any international conflicts, more encouraging globalization, but why am I seeing so many posts tagged “UK & Ireland Specific,” when the topic applies to SmartThings users globally? These topics have been nothing about different voltages, frequencies, tea times, dinner vs supper, or anything really specific to UK & Ireland and seeing that tag makes my eye ignore the post when I may be of service.

Am I missing something majorly different about that version of the product? Where all here to help each other no matter where we are, man I feel like a major hippie today, welcome UK & Ireland!


That’s a very good question. Anything that tagged as such I’d also ignore assuming it’s something very specific to the British Isles. But if it’s more general/random questions then people tagging it as such are doing themselves a disservice.

I am with @keithcroshaw. +1

Personally, I think it all should be together, and a tag/topic applied to different voltages/radio frequencies. Software and ideas are far more universal than the devices are specific. They may drive on the wrong side of the road, but they are still right minded. It’s a global world, many of these products are global, with similar versions adapted for local requirements but with same functionality. My 2.1 cents.

Is that the exchange rate between dollars and euros? :wink:

It would be nice just to select which country from the same site like any other sites do! Imagine as ST expands to other countries as well with country specific products! It’s going to be a one huge mess.

Yea now I wouldnt mind a little country badge next to my avatar showing where we’re from. That way those who know the difference don’t need to ask.

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Me too, to try and identify which server platform people are on. This may mean two pieces of information - a user configurable profile country and some indication as to which server their hub is using - I don’t know how many regional hubs ST intend.

There are big differences in the menu options available in the two server regions, (Devices and SmartApps) which are already causing a lot of confusion in the community.

I don’t know if somehow ST can link or cross reference usernames to their hub and hence to the server to include this information automagically.


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I agree A country badge would be good…but looking down the UK topics most of them at least appear to be starting with UK specific issues

if I summarise some of the issues, I’ve seen

2-wire systems and Lightwave
Items we have to smuggle in as we can’t get them here (Alexa anyone)
Items on a different firmware or release cycle (Fibaro)
Smarthings only giving the UK half the tools (GitHub integration???)
Where to buy without getting ripped off by Samsung lock ins (anywhere but Currys)

So from a cursory check 70-80% are UK specific issues. but it wouldn’t take a mod (read desperate for work student) long to go down through the list and move out the ones which are more global issues.

But this issue will become more of a challenge if Smartthings goes on a global release with their TV’s