Hue Outdoor Motion Sensors

I am trying to get through this ide DTH to edge drivers. I have some outdoor HUE motion sensors that work with my light switches to turn on lights when detecting motion. I see in my hub on my ST App the hub is registered with edge beta. I also see there are edge drivers for the HUE motion sensors. I enrolled. I see the driver in my list of drivers on the hub. When I select on each motion sensor and select on the hamburger button, the word drivers is not listed. Do I have to remove all motion sensors and re add them and have it use the HUE drivers before it will start using the edge drivers and the word driver be displayed under each motion detector settings/edit button?

yes - you need to remove the motion sensors
yes, you need to remove any custom device handlers for those motion sensors in IDE
then add them back since you are enrolled with the beta Edge Drivers for them

which Driver Edge did you use for Hue outdoor sensors?

Access the drivers for iquix(luluhappy). Once you have access, install the hue motion sensor, you will have to reset all of the hue motion sensors. When reconnected and added, you will change to use a different driver and select the hue motion sensor.

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Hello, thanks for the feedback.
I already use this Driver Edge for the indoor sensor and it works fine.
I tried with the outdoor sensor, it is recognized, but the APP does not display the values.