Moving from Wink (Mostly) to ST, keep hub or not

So I have a wink hub with 2 wink relays and have slowly been moving everything over to ST. I still plan to keep the relays as they are a pretty cool on the wall controller. I have almost everything off to ST and can eliminate the hub, except for two things. I still have the Lutron casetta lights connected to the hub, but also picked up the luton hub in the event it makes sense to completely remove the hub and just leave the relays.
Any thoughts on removing the wink hub? I heard that it interferes with other zigbee stuff, not sure. All I need to do to move the hub entirely is to move the luton lights over to casetta hub. I will keep the wink relays on the wall, so not sure then the benefit of removing the hub entirely.
The other thing I am using the hub for is to secondary control a zwave plug. With the relay, i turn on the zwave plug, which turns it on in ST also, then with IFTT it controls my alarm system. I guess I can use something else other than the zwave plug that can do shared controll from both Wink Relay and ST, perhaps a TCP bulb. I tried shared control of a hue light but turning on the light via Wink, there was a long delay for the change to be made in ST and hence took like 5 minutes to activate and hit IFTT.

any overall thoughts.


I sold mine after thinking about it for a couple of months. The only uses I could come up for keeping it are:

  1. Connect a smart switch to reboot Smartthings when a firmware update puts it off line
  2. To update the firmware of the GE link lights. Smartthings does not do that.
    Really number 1 was the only reason that I kept it for some time. Eventually I found someone that wanted both my wink and isis hubs. I do not regret much selling them.