Needing to run ST & Wink? :(

I have the following iot devices in my house:

Seemingly Wink Only (without additional hardware):

  • Liftmaster garage door opener with wifi (cloud controlled by wink)
  • Emerson Sensi wifi thermostats (cloud controlled by wink)
  • Lutron caseta dimmers with remotes (for locations that I want to wirelessly control with a remote, i.e., where my electrician put a switch in the wrong place) (direct controlled by wink)

Seemingly flexible:

  • GE Dimmers with 3way slaves
  • nest camera (via cloud) though usually use the nest app

Seemingly ST only:

  • Kwikset 916 zwave keypad lock with ability to change codes (currently using the new official ST app as was having trouble with the unofficial app and don’t seem to need the extra features)


  • Honeywell wifi garage thermostat (currently not connecting to wifi and working with honeywell support that is thinking I have a voltage issue)


  • DSC alarm system with EyezOn (though don’t use EyezOn much as their app isn’t user friendly at all and not willing to pay an extra $5/mo after already paying for the hardware)


  • I will be adding cameras controlled by blue iris
  • sometype of doorbell or camera doorbell
  • more lights/dimmers - will probably stick with GE in the future
  • flood sensor for the basement (waiting for a cheap one)
  • moisture sensor for the basement (waiting for a cheap one)

I hate having to run two separate hubs. I almost feel silly running ST just to change lock codes, but otherwise I need to unscrew the lock every time I want to let a new babysitter in. I guess if wink ever came out with a lock manager app I could just consolidate on wink. Would love to switch to smart things instead as it seems more flexible but seems like it doesn’t work with a lot of my devices unless someone knows a trick to get caseta to work with smartthings without additional hardware.

Does anyone know if zwave repeating works just within hub network or for all zwave devices in range (i.e., if the GE light switches are on the wink hub will they still repeat the ST zwave signal)?

Ideas that won’t add to my cost structure are very welcome.

Lutron Caseta devices can work with either SmartThings or wink, but not both at the same time unfortunately. That’s because Wink has a Lutron radio built into it while smartthings uses the Lutron SmrtBridge for its integration. If you did by the Lutron SmartBridge and you took the Lutron devices off of Wink, you could still get some wink integration through the free Lutron IFTTT channel, but I don’t know if that’s enough to meet your particular needs and it does require buying the bridge Device. And in particular in this set up Wink would not know when smart things had turned the Caseta switch on. But you could have an event on Wink turn on the Caseta switch. So in this specific set up, for SmartThings, Lutron can be either a “if” or a “that.” But for wink, Lutron could only be a “that.” Personally, I’d stick with Lutron the way you have them, but I just wanted to mention the possibility.

As far as repeating, that’s specific to the hub. So it’s not just any random Z wave device within range, it’s only the ones that are on the same network. ( otherwise you’d get into some major security issues for apartment buildings, for example.)

As for running multiple hubs, that’s just a decision everyone has to make for themselves. At my house we are running about five now. But as long as each one does what it is supposed to do with minimal maintenance and everything works with echo for voice control, we don’t even really notice. We are three housemates, and between us we have SmartThings, Wink, HomeKit, a security system, a medical monitoring system, an irrigation system, A camera system, Nest Protects, and an old but reliable secondary lighting system.

If I had to spend a lot of time in the apps it would be a different issue, but the way we have it set up, I don’t. :sunglasses: So it’s just a matter of what works for you.

If you need a separate device to give you user code management for your lock and that works OK, then why not? But I know there are some people who go crazy if they can’t unify everything into one control app. So again, different things work for different people.

There’s a community smart app for blue iris in ST

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Question, I know you’re a network wonk - Do you run all of this stuff straight on your main home network or do you use some walled off guest network?
I’ve been thinking about moving my whole IOT stack to a secondary network away from my computers and phone. I was wondering if this would help lower my exposure to security problems.
I’m running a TPLink Archer C7 router.


As I’ve mentioned before in the various threads on security, my IOT stuff is completely isolated from my other networks. :sunglasses:


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