Wink to ST V2 Migration

Over the weekend I set forth to migrate all my devices from my Wink hub to my ST V2 hub which I received last Monday. To be honest I was dreading it a little, what with how finicky the Wink hub can be and the threads I’d been reading on here about people migrating from their V1 hubs.

I had the following devices:

  • 20xGE Link bulbs
  • 4xCree Connected bulbs
  • 2xPhilips Hue Iris + 2xPhilips Hue Bloom
  • 2xEcoLink PIR-ZWAVE2
  • GE 12722 Z-Wave On/Off Switich
  • GE 12730 Z-Wave Smart Fan Control

While I understand my situation is not as complex as other setups, it seems my migration concerns were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over blown, everything is migrated over and everything works! I have 100% of the functionality as I did before but I am MUCH happier now than I was on the Wink hub, is everything perfect on ST? No of course not and while I realise I’m late to the game with ST, jumping straight in to the V2 hub and not even experiencing the first version of the V2 Android app, I feel like if a lot of the people here ‘lived’ with the Wink hub for the last year, they’d too be singing the praises of ST, despite the current issues.

After doing a Z-Wave exclude on the four Z-Wave devices I had and going around and performing the reset dance with all my GE Link and Cree Connected bulbs, I began the process to add them all to ST. Click ‘Market Place’ at the bottom right and click on ‘Connect New Device’ and it’s waiting… So I turn on one GE Link and it’s detected, thinking I’ll now need to give it a name, etc, I wonder why it’s still ‘searching’ for new devices… wait… it says ‘1 device found’… does that mean I can add another right now? So I go to switch on another GE Link…‘2 devices found’… “Get the hell out of here!” I proclaim, this is off the hook! So I press the on button for the GE 12722 ‘3 devices found’… So I go nuts turning on everything “12 devices found”! Alright let’s go nuts, let’s start really pushing the limits, so I flip a light switch connected to 4 GE Link bulbs, three of them are found! You’re not even supposed to do it like that so I don’t blame ST in the slightest for not getting all of them! And you lot said migration was difficult…

I know I’ll come across as an ST fan boy but I’ll happily point out the problems as well but first let’s start with response times. It was hard to judge how quick the ST hub was at turning on light bulbs from reading various threads, there were plenty of complaints but it all seemed like ST was on a completely different level as Wink, I mean, someone complained that it once took 3 seconds to turn on a light…3 seconds!!! I mean, that’s outrageous right? Except not in the Wink world, really, I wasn’t joking in response to that post saying how Wink users only dream of a 3 second average response time when for the most part, the Wink hub would turn on the GE Link lights on, after the EcoLink sensor triggered anywhere between 10-30 seconds later… No joke.

So it was an extremely pleasant surprise for me and my GF to see them react virtually INSTANTLY… This actually almost made me mad, mad that I wasted so much time with the Wink hub. This point alone was enough to sell it to me, this has reinvigorated the idea that HA is awesome and can be implemented to good effect where the Wink hub was slowly killing my passion for it, making me question if it was all worth the cost. It even dims the GE Links on and off and looks super slick doing it! Did I mention it’s SUPER quick?! I’m not sure if it’s running locally or it’s just, that, fast. Seriously, in fact is there a way I can tell? I know that the Hue’s are running in the cloud and they’re basically just as quick as the GE Link bulbs… If it is running in the cloud, even for the GE Links, that’s SERIOUSLY impressive though I do realise there may be times when it won’t always be as quick.

So what are the problems?

- No native way to group bulbs/switches. In the Wink app you can do this and 99% of the time, when you perform an action on a group, if all the devices are are of the same type, they’ll turn on/off/dim at exactly the same time. I don’t know if this is part of the ZigBee protocol that allows lights to be timed properly together? It looks more professional like this though I’ll happily trade groups (for now) for the fact that they now turn on/off so fast and with ‘sexy’ dimming. A group of lights that don’t turn on for 10 seconds isn’t professional, even if they do all eventually turn on at the same time.

- No multiple users. Again, another Wink app function that I’ve ‘lost’ although it does seem to have been a feature with ST that is somewhat AWOL in all things V2. I understand they are working on it and for now I just logged into the app using my credentials on my GF’s iPhone.

- App crashes/freezes. Wink app had it’s fair share though later versions were a LOT more stable. Wink app (stock Android 5.1.1 on Nexus 4) would freeze for a second every time I switched to another app and back again later, I don’t get this on the ST app though it really doesn’t like it if my screen goes to lock (fading out) and I stop it by pressing the power button. If I’m in the ST app at the time it’ll lock hard for a second or two. There also appears to be certain ways to get the app to crash though I haven’t looked for a pattern yet, seems to be associated with editing/manipulating devices but only happens occasionally.

- Look/feel of the app. It’s not bad but I can certainly see some of the comments that others have made, it’s not bad but certainly could do with some ‘tidying up’, just some alignment issues, sizing issues and perhaps getting some higher resolution pictures. Additionally for some reason when I try and change the icon for a device, it has only ever worked for two devices, the rest never seem to save and for that matter if I change the dim speed for a GE Link, it doesn’t seem to take effect for a while.

- THAT bug with the Smart Light app. I have a couple of motion sensors that turn on different sets of lights and is supposed to turn them off 1 minute of no motion detected when in actual fact it sometimes just decides to turn the lights off at one minute and won’t turn them back on even if motion is still being detected… I understand they are working on this as well.

Last couple of things, and this isn’t a fault with ST but I have a ‘SmartSense Motion sensor’:

My GF thinks it looks like a square boob with a nipple, I’m inclined to agree but that’s not the issue. I’m trying to power it with a USB power supply from my phone in the hopes that I’ll get more frequent updates from it but I can’t work out if it’s actually receiving any power at all, anyone know a way?

Finally, I didn’t put the batteries in the hub yet. Do I HAVE to unplug the power cable and network cable before I do this?

All in all I’m extremely happy with the ST V2 hub. I know it comes with its own faults but it’s SO much better than how things were with the Wink hub and personally, I feel that in the long run there is a future for ST and that things will be better on the ST platform.

Thanks for reading.


I give you praise for staying with Wink for a year… I had it for about 45 days… and I hated it for about … wait, I still hate it and it’s stuck on a shelf in the garage collecting dust.

I too am very impressed with the speed of the hub. I’ve been up and running for almost 2 weeks now and I’ve very few problems.

I’ve had ZERO problems with any of my devices or the hub. The hardware is functioning perfectly.

Now, the mobile App… that’s a whole other story. I have however figured out the pattern that causes it to crash. Every time I open it, it crashes. Sometimes instantly, sometimes not quite instant, and sometimes it gives me just long enough to think that I might actually finish what I started working on… and then BOOM SUCKER!!! The frozen tundra has arrived!

Overall, coming from Wink to the ST V2 hub, I"m very very happy. Best of all, my wife is very very happy with it too.

… and then there’s Alexa. Alexa loves ST and I love Alexa… both of them… shhhhh, don’t tell my wife… she can’t stand that little psycho in a tube!

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I think once ST refines the app, I really cannot see the appeal of any other platform and everyone was right, you don’t HAVE to know any coding to use ST if you stick to compatible devices, which was one of the things I was worried about.

Yeah, I’ve stuck to the compatible devices… I think. The GE Link bulbs are not in the list of lights, but they connect right up and the app ID’s them as GE Link Bulbs.

As for coding, you don’t have to know any of it. The great thing about this forum is that pretty much everyone that does code is willing to share. Which means you only need to know how to copy and where to paste in the IDE.

You can customize things as you like… But since I’m just starting out I’m going to wait on the customizing myself. I’m giving the system some time to see how stable it is. I want to learn the bugs of what I’ve got and I want to know what will and will not work. That way when I do code, it will be much simpler to figure out exactly what it is that I just screwed up.

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I have a V2 hub sitting a t the Post Office 2 miles away waiting to be delivered.
I to have a Wink and as of this morning my Hue bulbs take 8 to 10 seconds to turn on or off is in a group. If I use the Hue app it is instant (or instant enough - I can’t count to one.)

I am glad to hear you had a good migration experience, all of the Wink to ST success stories make me feel better about my decision to jump in.


Once you plug in the USB charger… you should see something like your motion sensor name is plugged in. And there after you will always see the device with battery level at 100% always. I have couple of these all plugged in and using it just as repeaters. I don’t process the events and didn’t include these in SHM.

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Would that be in the logs for the ‘graph’ site? I don’t think I see that at all :frowning:

It honestly made me a little angry that I’d waited this long for the V2 hub, I should have jumped in to V1 ages ago.

Like I said, ST isn’t perfect, but just having the lights turn on and off this fast is enough to never want to go back to Wink, there are no redeeming features about it at all. I had initially intended to keep it running to see how it went with ST but hours later I was convinced enough that I cleared my Wink hub completely, unplugged it and put it back in the box it came in.

When I paired mine, i saw it in the Activity Feed in the mobile app. Try unplugging and plugging the charger, do you see any difference?

I was actually going to do the exact same thing. My thought was that I would use the best features of both hubs for a more diverse system.

But within hours it was very clear that the wink hub no longer had anything to offer my system. I could find no redeeming features that were why of my time.

Now instead of trying to figure out why it’s not working, I spend my time coming up with new projects!

I’m working on an ir beam interruption device for my stairs. I want something that will be very fast at turning on the lights and will integrate right into ST.

I’m just resourcing the parts and then I’m going to build it.

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EXACTLY!!! This this this! I’m already scheming new things! I really hope they can integrate 2013 Samsung SmartTV’s!

Nothing in the activity feed :frowning:

No change when plugging/unplugging it…

Weird. What happens if you take off the battery completely and just plug it to the charger. Does it register motions?

Oh and I forgot, I have ONE last bug, now finally having control over extra functions I didn’t before with Wink, one of the first things I did with the GE 12722/30 is change the ‘Indicator Light’ setting to ‘never lit’ because they are stupidly bright.

This worked on the GE12722 (on/off switch) but NOT the 12730 fan speed controller. The 22 behaves exactly as it should but the 30 doesn’t, here’s what I see -

‘Lit when off’ = Switch off - light on, switch on - light off
’Lit when on’ = Switch off - light off, switch on - light on
’Never lit’ = Switch off - light off, switch on - light on

So it seems ‘never lit’ is behaving the same way as ‘lit when on’ for the 30, is there a way to diagnose this? Perhaps it’s an issue with the device type?

Im a Wink to ST convert too. For months on the Wink forums, I was advised that my problematic GE Link bulb issues were because of GE and no fault of Winks (random on/offs, random unpairings etc). I eventually had 8 of my 9 bulbs go completely unresponsive under Wink. The 9th would turn on randomly during the day/night. I took delivery of a STv2 last Thursday. Immediately all my 9 GE’s were available and came back to life, and have now worked flawlessly for 5 days on Sunset / Sunrise schedules etc.

Also, the On/Off command is instant. With Wink I would issue a command and it sometimes would take 15 seconds to execute - or not at all.

So far, Im very impressed with STv2.

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This you can do without needing an app. Just three fast clicks of the top button followed by a click of the bottom button and the light is no longer.

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To be honest, it is a problem with the bulb, they drop out on ST or when connected to the Hue Bridge as well, according to the ST guys though, someone has been in contact with GE and they are aware of the issue, supposedly they are working on a fix.

Like you said though, they react so quickly and so far for me, consistently, Wink could be a bit hit and miss.

That manually sets it to ‘never lit’?

It may be that your Links will never give you a problem with ST, but that in and of itself does not mean the Wink forum gave bad information. Have a search within this forum, and you will find the GE’s fail here too.

When I used them with ST they would lose connection periodically. Not often, but it did happen. I eventually moved them to a Hue hub and never had a problem again. I think it is more a communication issue with Links than any hub performing better than another.

Well I spent HOURS with Wink attempting to re-pair and re-add the bulbs (two weekends). I finally gave up and in desperation bought he STv2. Immediately it found the bulbs.

I can live with occasional bulb issues but with my Wink, there was 100% failure to communicate with bulbs that had worked fine for months. Wink performed a hub update and hosed my bulbs. ST brought them back :smile:

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