Any way to Migrate Z-wave from Wink to ST? or just start fresh?

Hi guys. My ST hub is showing up tomorrow.
I’m finally done with Wink. My caseta dimmers were all that was holding me back, so I bit the bullet, and picked up a half dozen GE dimmers and swapped them out. Now I’m ready to transfer everything,
All I want to know, is there a way to migrate the Zwave and Zigbee networks from my Wink hub to my ST hub? Or should I just reset every device and pair fresh with ST?

Any suggestions to make the 30+ device migration smoother would be appreciated.

I would start fresh. Although there’s a way to make smart things a secondary controller I didn’t have any luck. Smart things seems to prefer being the primary.

What does starting fresh mean?

What steps do I need to take within Wink prior to moving devices to ST?

I have a basic system, only Lutron light switches and a few smart plugs…

Firing up the Lutron hub and ready to get started migrating.

Start fresh. Exclude all ZWave from Wink. Delete all Zigbee from Wink.

Start over with SmartThings by going through the same process you did with Wink.

Finding “New” devices and adding them 1x1.

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