Wink + Smartthings

I’m currently running Wink and ST within the same home, and I’m wondering if anyone does something similar. I’m sure there are reasons why I shouldn’t (radio congestion or something else), but it’s working.
The why is simple - I want the custom bits of ST and certain aspects of Wink - like Hue reliability.
An example, I’m using auto lighting from ST in my basement during the day, but in the evening I’m selecting scenes with my Lutron remote attached to Wink. I do this because I have 13 Hues down there, and I want to make sure they fire 100% as intended. Meanwhile my Sonos triggers and Harmony activity still function through ST. I use an ST override mode to kick off the light triggers on ST’s side.
I’m sure it’s completely unnecessary, but it was easier for me to go this route and achieve my desired result than screwing with a smart app.

Hi there, I have been running Wink hub and ST v2 hub for a few months now. I have my Wink hub about 50 ft. Away from the ST hub, only because I needed the hub to reach a switch in my garage. When I did have both hub in the same cabinet, I saw no issues with functionality, nor did I experience any loss of communication between the two hibs(other than those experienced normally because of global issues). My main reason for keeping with Wink is the Lutron switches I have all over my house…they look much better than any of the zwave switches offered. I use IFTTT and ST virtual switches to bridge the gap between the two platforms. Not the best, mainly because of latency issues, but if works ok until there is a full Lutron integration in ST. Hope all of this helps.

In the same boat here, but I am thinking of just using the Lutron hub and removing the wink hub entirely. I also have the wink relays as I like the wall units.