Switching from iOS to Android

I’m about to jump ship from Apple to Android and have a question. When I load the app on my new phone & sign into it, will everything except maybe my favorites show up as normal? Thanks


If you are using some odd Community Developed DTH, you may encounter some bugs in layout / fonts / colors of the Thing details due to slight differences in the two Apps; but I doubt anything will be a major functional issue.

It looks like Terry has you covered on your main questions.

Welcome to the world of Android! If you are into tinkering, be sure to checkout Tasker for really a powerful Android automation platform. And if you want to tie Tasker in with SmartThings, be sure to check out an app I wrote called SharpTools which provides Tasker integration and widgets.

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Terry, don’t you have to register your new phone as a mobile presence sensor? :wink: And why switch? :wink:

Come to the dark side, Ron, we have cookies. :cookie:


Irrespective ST will steal the cookie and eat it too. :wink:

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