Moving devices between hubs question - Nest, SmartWeather Station Tile, etc

(Brian Smith) #1

For devices like the Nest Thermostat device type and the SmartWeather Station tile, I would just move them from one hub to another via the IDE by editing the device and selecting the hub, correct? The only devices to “exclude/include” are true physical devices? Although, the Nest is a physical device, but it is cloud-to-cloud so I would think that would be able to be done in the IDE.

Just getting my plan together.

(Jason Mok) #2

Any cloud-to-cloud devices doesn’t even need a hub at all. You can migrate those now to a new location.

(Ron S) #3

Exclude/include will be for your zwaves only. Zigbees can be reset at any time and added to a new hub. Support has all the steps required for every supported device at their site including Fibaros, Aeons, GE’s etc.