Is it possible to test devices on one hub and then live install on another hub?

I had several devices and led light strip controller installed on a hub lets call it HubT.
I removed them this fall and want to temporarily install them on my home hub, HubB.

Both Hubs / Locations are accessible to me via the

Am I causing myself problems if I delete them from hubT and add them to HubB?

I believe you have to exclude the device from 1 hub before you sync it with the other hub. A device can not be paired to more then 1 hub. @JDRoberts I think I’m correct??? I dont want to give the wrong info.


You got it exactly right. To move a Zwave device from one hub to another you exclude it and then include it.

To Remove a Zigbee device you just have to individually reset that device and then add it to the new hub.

As to whether it will cause “any problems“ that depends on what kind of problems you mean. :wink: Removing it from the first hub will also require that it be removed from any existing automations there, So basically you have to start over from scratch each time.

But in general, sure, manufacturers test a device on a test bed hub and then reset it so it can be added to the customer’s hub all the time.

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Thanks for the information. I was hoping the process had gotten easier but I guess not.

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