Moving devices from one hub to another

As many of you will know already I bought the v-home security system which came with a ST Wi-Fi hub.

I needed to add the Wi-Fi hub to activate the service. But now All the devices are added I’m guessing I can remove it.

However for some reason (probably an error on my part) one of the door and window sensors ended up being added to the Wi-Fi hub and not my V3 one.

I have went into the ide and selected that device and edited it to have the V3 hub as it’s setting and it moves over and I can see it however it appears as offline.

Is this a valid way to move the device or do I need to remove it and then add it back onto the hub I want. I already have some automation setup using this device so moving it would have been the best option.

With zigbee and z-wave devices, you would need to remove those devices and add to the other hub. Changing the settings through IDE will not properly migrate it.


Fair enough. Looks like I’ll need to spend an hour or so today doing that. No big deal really. Just thought I’d ask if it was possible. Thanks.

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Can you do a test, if you don’t mind with that single device if it is not a z-wave, but zigbee device?

As you moved it in the IDE to the other location/hub it is offline, but can you try to pair it there? Put the Hub where you moved into pairing mode and do a re-pair. I am curious that, when you finish the pairing will it recognize the device and all the automations connected to it or will it add a new device?


Too late I already deleted it and added it back in.

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No worries! Thanks for the reply.