Mount smarthings multi purpose sensors to garage door?

Anyone know of a better way to mount Samsung smarthings multipurpose sensor to a garage door? The sticky seems unlikely to hold in a garage with it being hot and cold. Anyone sell a mount that can be screwed in?

I use 3M velcro tape like []

They are durable.

I use the 12lb black velcor hangers available at just about any grocer, drug, or hardware store. They hold up to 12 lb. My garage door is metal and faces fully south in a SoCal desert. Have not had any adhesion problems. What is the surface that you are attaching to?

I live in Texas , 105 regularly and never had an issue with it falling of my door. you can always drill the mount and screw into the door with tap screws. I actually mounted mine on one of the door hinges with the roller.

FWIW - I thought they same when I installed mine. (My garage door is old, dirty and made of wood) So far, so good. In fact, all the sticky mounted devices are staying in place in my house and they’re all mounted to wood surfaces. I found it helps to hold them in place for a few seconds before letting go. Of course, YMMV.