Motionsensor whit Ikea light

I hope i post this in The right place (new here).

I have a smartthings motionsensor and a Ikea Light, i want The Light to turn on to 100% when motion is detected, but it turns on to diffirent % everytime like 30% 13% but not 100%

Do you have an automation which is setting the Ikea light level to 100% when the motion is triggered, but the the light will only show as being at 30%, after the motion turns on the light?

I’m thinking this one might be an easy fix, somewhere in the automations.

edit: So, I was thinking about this, and found myself curious if you have or have had any other device/switch/or automatoin controlling that Ikea bulb.

Yes, when motion is detected turn on Light, dimmer to 100%.

I have tried whit other Ikea Light bulbs and it works, so im thinking that The Light mabey is not suported. It shows up as “Light” wile my other bulbs say “Ikea Light”

Sorry, I missed your reply, earlier.

I can’t say that I know anything specific about that light, but from some quick searching, I think it has both the ability to change brightness and shades of white, or CCT.

Are you using a Smartthings hub? If so, and you know how to change the Device Handler, or DTH, You might try changing it to: ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb.

I could probably help you with trying that, but I’m sure there must be a guide to doing so on here, but I’m not finding it at the moment.

I use ikea lights and I have a ikea motion sensor. I was unable to connect the ikea motion sensor to the smartthings hub though. how did you do that?
i am happy to follow your instructions for connecting the motion sensor and I can let you know my test of motion sensor → ST hub → ikea lights for dim / brightening.
I use aeotec and hue motion sensors → ST hub → ikea lights and that reliably (although slowly).