Automation not working with IKEA Motion sensor

Making my first ST Automation - what am I doing wrong?
Do I need a device handler?
I have added IKEA Motion Sensor E1745 to ST. The App says it detects motion.
But making an automation and try to make the motion sensor activate some IKEA bulbs (also connected to ST) no action happens.
I can activate the bulbs manually in the ST App.

Some Users reporting this problem too. This was a solution

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo Thanks a lot. Removing the time x did the trick :smile:

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You are wellcom

I think user Gonzo_Bo opened a ticket in smartthings Europe support. I Will open other.
May be good open a ticket for support, this functionalility must be work.

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This is the answer from UK support:

[SmartThings] Re: 1180828 | Automation with motion sensors fails.

Our Team is investing this problem and have found that Automations using a condition of “motion for X amount of time” is a known issue. This has been reported to our Development Team for a resolution. Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime but hopefully a fix will be rolled out in future updates.