Dimming problems with ikea bulbs and aeotec v3

Hei guys,

New here to smartthing and all.

I have a big problem that i cannot resolve.

So, i have in the hallway 2 lamps with e14 socket from ikea(tradfri)
Also a motion sensor, and a contact sensor on entry door.
So, what i want to achieve is :
1)On night, lamps go to 10% dim, with warm white @ around 2700k (triggered by motion sensor)
2)When i came home, the contact senzor to light up the lamps to full brightness and cold white @ around 400k. (triggered by contact sensor)
I did make the routine and all things work perfect, except dimming.
Light do switch correctly between color temperature 2700-4000k and vice-versa.
But the dimming does not work as it should. Just easy steps like 20/30% per action.
Example : I open the door, the dim comes from 100% to 70%. I close and open the door again, makes it 40% and so on untill i reach the desired setting that i have put in the routine.
Same thing happens with the motion sensor too. If i come home and the lights are 100% brightness(from last status), then, when the motion see me, only 25 % dim the bulbs. If i wait and i walk again beside the motion sensor, then the dim goes another 25/35%. I don`t know what to do anymore, i am so frustrated…Please help ! :slight_smile:

I noticed the same. If both color temperature and brightness is controlled by automation, brightness level is seemingly random. If automation controls only brightness, it is set correcly. So, my automations for Ikea bulbs only adjust brightness atm. This is not a new issue.
There is new beta Edge drivers for Ikea stuff that may fix this issue. Haven’t tried those yet.

I could try this later today and see if automations with both temperature and brightness work with Edge. I hafe few bulbs that are compatible with that particular driver. :thinking:

With mine things are different. Works ok of i just change temperature in automations. Brightness allways make problems. :frowning: It’s there anything i can do?

Well, it looks like setting both simultaneously is the problem. Maybe chopping the automation in two is the workaround… I’ll wait if Sakari has some info after tests with new drivers. I’m not very keen to use beta drivers though…

I’ve been using Edge drivers as much as possible. Not many issues but I beta is always beta.

What kind of automation I should create to see if the Edge will fix this problem? Just simple one to see if brightness and temperature can be changed simultaneously? :thinking:

In my case, just a simple switch-on or motion detection or any other event to set brightness and color temp of (Ikea) lightbulb.
OP may have other needs.

I don’t know if the problem is in the ST or in the Ikea bulbs but dimmer setting in automations has different scale than setting brightness from device settings. When automation dimmer is set to 100% it is much lower than if set from bulb itself. So the same problem persists with new drivers. :thinking:

I have tried to make the automations in 2 steps. One to change brightness and one for color temp. Same result. Brightness freeze somewhere on the 1-100% scale, while the color temp is working without issues.

This might be something Webcore could take care of but I have no interest in Webcore. Can’t really helpo you any further. .

Oh, thank you for your time. I don’t know anything about webcore. I’m just new to all. :)) hope to find a solution… If anyone have a clue to make this work i’ll be grateful :smile: