Automation with IKEA motion sensor unreliable

I have a room where I have a ST door sensor, an IKEA bulb and an IKEA motion sensor.
I have created the following automation in the ST app:
Door = open
Motion detected
Bulb turn on and dimmer = 100%, turn off after 20min

Usually the light turns on as expected however several times per day the light turns off and does not turn on despite:

  1. One is moving around
  2. The IKEA motion sensor is showing detecting motion in the ST app.
    And furthermore…
  3. If I open the door the light always turns on.

The issue doesn’t seem to be that the motion sensor is not reporting movement nor that the automation isn’t triggered at all.

The only possible explanations I can think of is;

  1. Since the IKEA motion sensor has the 3min cooldown and any movement within the 20min “turn off timer” isn’t renewing the 20min countdown unless timed with the 3 min cooldown.
  2. There is an issue in the automation implementation and the flow of info between local and cloud connected devices (door sensor and bulb are both connected locally while IKEA motion sensor is cloud connected.

Anyone has any idea what is happening here?

Anyhow, this seems like such a basic scenario so I’m quite surprised it doesn’t work as expected.

I’d be tempted to stick to ‘an issue in the automation implementation’. The way Automations are implemented has recently changed and they now exist as rules in the Rules API. It is clear that the change hasn’t been totally smooth and ‘or’ conditions have been mentioned in passing as having had some issues. So you may have hit a known issue.

Quick question. Is your automation turning light off after 20 min after no motion detected or “ always turn off light after 20 minutes once turned on “

Another way to say it has the light ever stayed on for more than 20 minutes?

Try it with just using motion as trigger and observe behaviour…

May not be helpful… but just my thoughts.

Your question really made me realize the difference which I hadn´t before. My automation was “allways turn off after 20min” as that is the only option if done within the same automation for turning on the light.

However, I updated the setup:
Automation 1:
motion detected
Turn on light

Automation 2:
door = closed
no motion detected for 5 min
turn off light

The result from this was that I found out that my IKEA motion sensor has a cooldown period of approximately 9min (time before reported in ST app that there is no motion) resulting in that the lights turned off 14min after motion.

I now changed it to 1min without motion detected and hopefully that will end up being a reliable way to have it turn off after approx. 10 min of no motion.

Thanks a lot for the reply on this! Hopefully this will resolve this but we will see in the coming days…

Ikea motion sensor cooldown is 3 minutes, coded in firmware.

@milandjurovic71 I know that is what is all over the ST-forums but then how do you explain the behaviour that the IKEA motion sensor is reported as “Motion detected” consistently (at least today when I tested and clocked the bahvior) for about 9min before it is showing up as “no motion detected”?
Furthermore, the fact that ST automation that is set to trigger after 5 min of no motion detected triggers exactly 5min after the state is changed in ST app (meaning totally about 14min after the motion was detected).

Personally I wouldn’t trust the dashboard in ST for reliable feedback.

I would try the following. Set motion to turn off lights after 1 min. Then see if lights can be turned on with motion. Keep adding a minute to how long lights stay on without motion and keep trying to trigger motion after lights turn off.

The system may respond differently than what the dashboard is reporting …

Trigger the light by motion and put the sensor in a drawer just to make sure, no motion is detected for the next 5 minutes.

The app will not show a motion detected if it detects it just after the 3 minutes grace period. There will be a single motion even and when no motion plus the 3 minutes, then motion stopped.

Thanks for the suggestions! Haven’t had time trying yet as the above 2 automation solution seems to work fine with “no motion for 5 min turn off” and it consistently turns off after ~14min which is ok for me (even if is not possible with that setup IKEA sensor to keep on less than ~9min when changing to “no motion for 0 min turn off”)