Motion Sensors that Work? (ST brand keep going offline)

Getting Fed up with the smart things sensors, constantly going offline or the battery lasts 1 week but then next time seems to last months. Have tried updating the firmware’s and have added a network extender but to no avail.

Can anyone suggest alternative motion and door sensors that are more reliable and work well with ST?


Would help to know for sure what motion sensors you have already used. I have a aeotec multisensor 6, smartthings motion sensor (2017), and ADT motion sensor.

Both that are battery powered hava been running for some time with no issues. The smartthings sensor did have its battery replaced after 6 months or so. It is in a high traffic area and used for light automations.

The Aeotec sensor is plugged into a outlets so it doesn’t worry about batteries

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I’ve been using Ecolink motion sensors. I started recording my IoT battery changes in January 2017. I haven’t changed any of my 4 motion sensors in that time. A smart app Battery Monitor shows all at 99% battery level.

I’ve been using the new 2018 SmartSense motion sensors and they’ve been very reliable although very sensitive. No battery issues either.

Also use the Aeotec/Aeon Multisensor 6 and like it a lot. I have four, two in each of to locations/hubs, all powered via USB (no battery issues!) using those little iPhone charger blocks. Absolutely reliable and I depend on their temperature & humidity readings when away from either location. Highly recommended!