Smartthings motion sensor dead

This is the 2nd time it happens to me. I have st motion sensor pointing to my front door so It has a lot of acitvity.
I bought it in december and this is the 2nd time it dies. I already replaced rhe battery once and yesterday the st app said it had 55% battery remaining and today is dead.

Anyone having problems like this?

I don’t trust the battery status for these devices. I had a moisture sensor say it’s battery was already down to 50% after 3 days use. It has been running for a few months and still says 50%.

Do you have a meter to test your batteries? I am wonder if maybe the device just got stuck and a reboot would have fixed it.

I already tried pulling out the battery and put it back but the led in the back stays off all the time.
I tested it with a battery of another sensor I have and it works.