Replaced battery (w/new) on 3 motion sensors - all at 21%?

Hey all. I’m catching up on replacing low batteries on several of my devices, and the 3 Iris gen 2 motion sensors I replaced with a new battery a few days ago reported 21% instead of something much higher (they were at 1% or 11%). I expected at least 88%, but realistically 100% since they were all new batteries. I even tried some rechargables and older batteries, and every single time they reported 21%.

All the motion sensors are Iris gen 2’s (the nice small ones), and they are all running ST’s Smartsense Motion Sensor dth. Looking at Github, I didn’t see a change for battery reporting, but I have no idea if anything on the back end changed potentially to handle Edge drivers.

Out of curiosity, has anyone changed their battery on a motion sensor using the same dth? If so, have you noticed similar behavior?

Tagging @nayelyz in case she’s got any visibility internally to any change we can’t see.

Hi, @johnconstantelo. As I understand, you didn’t have issues with the battery percentage reported before, right?
When they started reporting 21% (before you changed them) did you notice which was the previous value? This is just to check if it dropped more than normal.
Please, send an email to with the following information:

  • Devices names
  • Screen captures of what you see in the ST App.

We’ll continue our conversation there as I might need more private information. Thanks!

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They started reporting 21% after I changed the batteries. Before that they were bouncing back and forth between 1% and 11%, and sometimes higher. Once they always showed up in the Status Information bar is when I started to change them.

I’ll send over an email shortly with your requested info, thanks for the quick reply!