Motion sensor at 1%

Has anybody ever had a motion sensor go crazy when I gets down to 1%? It’s recording motion every 10 seconds and blowing up my notifications feed when I’m away.

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I tend to replace batteries when they get down below 10 to 15%. I always question the accuracy of the reporting when the batteries are that low.


Having it down to 1% doesn’t bother me, it’s the constant spamming on my notification feed saying that there’s motion when there isn’t. Probably change the battery later today

So it turns out I have firmware updates killing my batteries. I’ve got four that went down to 1% in the last 24 hours.

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I think it affected 2 of my Samsung Multis. Getting ready to look in the Dev portal to see how they dropped. Last I looked (about 5 days ago) the lowest I had was 50%.

Exactly the same issue going on here… this last OTA update made a big mess.

I think I know what happened. The firmware of the sensors happened just after hub firmware and the drain was caused by the writing of new firmware on the sensor. At least that is what happened on mine. Check your event list on the sensors showing low battery Even the ones that had 67% last week are down to 30%.

One of my motion sensors has been sending a constant stream of motion events for the last 24 hours, seconds apart, so I’ve now pulled the battery out. All of my ST motion sensors are now reporting 1% battery, but when I checked the voltage of the batteries they were at about 3V, so nowhere near empty. The problems seem to have started at about the time the sensor firmware updated.

My sensor that was reporting constant movement while at 1% is, a few hours later, unavailable with a dead battery. Surprise surprise. Note that it had 89% battery before the freaking OTA firmware update.

I’ve already ordered a bunch of cheap Xiaomis to replace the dreaded Samsung sensors. I’m so sick of them.