Motion sensor 'unavailable'

(Peter Richardson) #1

Hi - I currently have 2 motion sensors, both in the hall, that are showing with a red ‘!’ in the device list and are currently ‘unavailable’.

I only changed the battery on one about 3 weeks ago so it surely can’t be that but I can’t find anywhere for guidance.


(Peter Richardson) #2

Fixed. Unbelievably the battery has been cained through.

(Jamie) #3

I’ve managed to chew through the batteries in 2 motion sensors and 2 multi sensors so they all say offline. Can I find CR2450 locally - nope.

(Glenn Smith) #4

And I’ve found that you do need duracel or Panasonic batteries as others have a different side profile so the contacts don’t work; dodgy hardware design really.

(Jeff) #5

One of my sensors has become unavailable this week. The Last Battery Status was 89%. If I pop the battery out and put it back in, the sensor becomes available for a few minutes and goes again.
Can it really be a dead battery after only about 2 months use?

(Wayne) #6

Best to get a multimeter and measure the voltage of the battery. If it’s 2.8v or less then throw it away. If not then common reasons for sensors dropping are interference or mesh issues. I find osram bulbs a common cause for dropping sensors.

(Kurtis) #7

I’m having strange motion sensor battery problems too… with all SmartThings types that require varying battery types.

(Jeff) #8

I’ve swapped the battery with another sensor downstairs and the problem remains with the same device. It’s not a battery issue but connection to the hub. It’s been working for a month or so, so I’m not sure why it would suddenly fail?

(Wayne) #9

To be honest a month is anot a great deal of time. I’ve had things do that in the past. It’s a (very) weak radio device powered by a feeble little coin cell battery. There are lots of sources of interference everywhere both internal and external to your home (which are much harder to avoid). I just have a lot of smartthings outlets in every room of the house and removed most of my smart bulbs from directly connecting to smartthings and most of these issues started disappearing.

(Jeff) #10

Since I swapped the batteries and re-seated them, both sensors have stayed connected so far. Hopefully the problem was just the contacts to the batteries.

(Jane Jackson) #11

I’m having the same problem. All my Smartthings with motion sensors have become “unavailable” but the last battery status was 67%. This is too much of a coincidence, I think they are messing with the system. I’ve tried putting a new battery in, to no avail. :rage:
Also, my husbands phone has suddenly stopped working and always reports as present.
Basically this security system is far from being secure. :rage:
I’ve tried their support desk but I’m just getting “try this” standard responses. :rage::rage:


Hi there, I was seeing the same issue with 3 ST motion sensors, having to reset these at least every day! I found out it was due to my Wi-Fi channel overlapping with my zigbee channel, resulting in weak zigbee mesh.
I changed my wifi channel (super easy) and no issue after a few days. Happy with my smart home now!

(Zen) #13

I have a st outlet kept disconnecthing from the hub even I have one replaced, 2.4ghz network seems very hard to work with ZigBee as I have lots of other 2.4ghz neighborhood and the hub cannot change the channel manually unlike my hue bridge , I already reconfigured all the devices once due to a replacement st hub, 2.4ghz just seems a bit crowded