Smartthings Motion Sensor motion

(Kevin Britain) #1

Hey guys,

I have a few smartthings devices around the house, in particular the washrooms with motion sensor that triggers a light switch… i’ve noticed that in one particular washroom the light just randomly turns on… i just check the log of the sensor and it shows that every few minutes or so it detects motion… any ideas as to what can be happening… or how i can reset this sensor completely?


(Kraeg) #2

It’s probably the battery running low, it’s causes all sorts of issues. Do not rely on the battery reporting in the app for the sensor - it’s notoriously bad at getting it wrong.

Its that bad I’m slowly replacing all my SmartThings Motion sensors with a different brand.

Either that or it’s on the edge of your ZigBee mesh and needs moving closer to your hub or repeater adding to make the jump.

Try the battery first, my money’s on that.


(Kevin Britain) #3

thanks for this… yes, i’m seriously considering replacing a few of these as they are very erratic… one minute they work perfect, next you have to pull the battery and reset it… what brand are you looking at?

will attempt the battery change…


(Kraeg) #4

Personally I’m going for the AeonLabs MultiSensor 6. It takes annoying type of battery (CR123A) but seems to last 6 months+ and yet to have any major troubles with them. They pair with SmartThings with no extra DTH, they report LUX (not well, but they do) as well as Motion, Temp and humidity (which might be good for your washroom)

Info here:

You can pick them up on Amazon cheaper when they’re on offer. I just buy a couple everytime they are running one.


(Kevin Britain) #5

thanks for the advise… although i’m an avid user of smartthings, i’m slowly pulling away due to unreliability… currently all i require a motion sensor for is to trigger a light switch on and when there is no motion after 5 mins it triggers the light off…

will look into the aeonlabs MultiSensor…


(John C) #6

These are my current favorite. Have four on two different hubs using USB power. Very reliable…


I have had very good success with the one below. So far I have two of them and 1 is at 100% and the other at 90% battery levels after 6 months.

(Kevin Britain) #8

hey, just an update…

I replaced the battery and the same issues… i then completely deleted the sensor and all rules attributed to the sensor… then paired and added it back… so far the issues has not repeated… looks good so far…


thanks for the update

i notice that i get a lot of false motions when the battery is close to empty (almost as if the sensor is dropping in and out of the network and reports motion each time)

can’t rely on the battery percentage reported, it’s completely inaccurate and useless