Motion Sensors Acts Up

Every now and the. The presence sensor “acts up”. It is well within thw range of the hub however it something gets STUCK on motion detected. However this does not trigger any Alarms when I am away so either its not reportinf data oe the hub “knows” its real status even though it shows as Motion Detected.

I take it you mean motion sensor not presence sensor? (They are two different devices)

I would try changing the battery - regardless of what the battery level states. That often fixes it

Also have you rencently added any mains powered devices (plugs, bulbs etc) as these can interfere with the mesh, try powering these down for 24 hours and see if it magically resolves itself.

Failing that, contact support they can do more digging into your account.


I meant motion sensor sorry. The device has only been in use for a month and the battery level is at 79%.

I have not added any devices recently. What fixed the issue the first time was remove the battery, un-pairing the device and then re pairing. However the issue has now re-appeared.

Also it seems that it still reporting tempreture flacuations nonetheless.

I have changed the battery. New Energizer from the pack, same size and all. However it does not light up. It lights up with the other battery but is stuck in MOTION. I noticed that there is a label use only Duracell or Panasonic. But the energizer is the same size, shape, volts, model and everything. Also the sensor downstairs came with a “chinese branded battery” from the pack itself and it works.

Is this sensor acting up or is it true thst the batteries have to be Panasonic or Duracell?

Yes the batteries matter as they are actually slightly different profile (the Panasonic etc ones are very very slightly fatter so make contact better)

If you have another sensor you could try swapping the battery temporarily.


So finally my Duracell Batteries arrived. Popped one in. Reconnected. Shows 100% and battery but stuck on Motion. Removed and reconnected six times but to no avail. Range is not the issue as right now its literally sitting next to the hub!

Repaired Zigbee Network but nothing. Turned hub off but nothing.

Please help!!

Also I keep noticing this anomaly.

It’s like the state has dissapeared.

Managed to get the Motion Event showing but to no avail. Still stuck.