1% Battery

I have a newly installed SmartSense Multi Sensor that is reporting 1% battery but is still working OK. Any suggestions on how to get battery status to report correctly.

ST has been notoriously terrible at reporting decent battery %'s, so there’s not much you can do. I bet if you look at your logs you’ll see the battery report bounce between 1% and 22% (or 25%) a lot during the day. I have several devices doing that since the the October 11th hub firmware update.

Just keep an eye out to make sure you really don’t have a dud battery.


Thanks for the reassurance. It is bouncing around. Guess as long as it is reporting I’m good


I have the same issue with my Smartthings motion sensor. I thought the new battery depleted so I through it in the bin, then the next new battery did the same, so I caught on to what’s happening!


OTOH, I found that this 1 pct reading also started to lead to alot of drop offs. I think I read somewhere that the Samsung devices can be very sensitive to voltage drop, suggesting that even if the battery seems ok, a freshly bought one can resolve the problem, It did in my case.
Incidentally, I have also found that some cheaper batteries do not seem a happy match…Duracell does seem to work well - and this is the ONLY time I bother with Duracell !

The sensor went offline a few days ago and is back now with fresh battery installed. Showing 100% now. Will be interesting to see how long it last.

My motion sensor does the same. New battery 100%, next day 63% and a few days later 1% and the warning messages start.
New hub makes it no better and reports firmware version
I don’t think there is an option to turn the low battery messages off either :frowning: