Motion / Lux / Temp sensors

Anybody have reliable experience with Motion / LUX / Temp sensors? Something other than what I just tried?

I happened to just get a Fibaro FGMS-001 ZW5 v3.4 motion sensor a couple days ago.

My pairing experience was pretty inconsistent: the first couple times I paired it with my ST Hubv2, it came up as a simple OPEN/CLOSE switch (actually - as a SENSATIVE STRIP). Then, finally, after a couple more EXCLUDE/INCLUDE’s, it came up as a FIBARO MOTION SENSOR. But, even after a day or so, it only reported TEMP & LUX data back to ST - no MOTION or ACCELLORATION data was ever reported.

So I did the exclude and re-include thing, and it came up as SENSATIVE STRIP again. Excluded and included one more time, and it came up as FIBARO MOTION SENSOR, but again, no MOTION data. (IDE shows type: Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5)

Pretty inconsistent. And no motion data. Has anyone used this device and had it report motion data to ST? I’m about ready to return this item but want to make sure I’m not missing some configuration step. (I’ve found their Tech Support does not pick up the phone and their voicemail doesn’t accept messages.)

Thanks for any thoughts!

Tagging @Mariano_Colmenarejo and @csstup since both have recently been doing a lot with zwave sensors.

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It looks like it has support in the base Edge Zwave Sensor driver. 010F-0801-XXXX would match. It would just be basic functionality, no custom parameters.

  - id: fibaro/motion/zw5
    deviceLabel: Fibaro Motion Sensor
    manufacturerId: 0x010F
    productType: 0x0801
    deviceProfileName: fibaro-motion-sensor

Do you have the Beta Edge Z-wave Sensor driver installed? I would try with that.

A screenshot of the device’s fingerprint data (in the data section) from the IDE may help too.

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I used these for a while ('cos they look cool) but had reporting issues too and found the Lux readings to be somewhat erratic. They also tended to drop out and need rediscovery, especially on battery replacement (which was quite often!).

Generally unreliable so I ditched them a while ago and now have Aeotec trisensors and and a multisensor 6.

I find the Aeotec sensors to be reliable and accurate. Never had one drop out and all paired first time. Batteries seem to last well and Lux is far more consistent. The motion reporting slightly lags behind a SmartThings motion sensor but nothing too significant and still an improvement on the Fibaro.

Currently running these on the stock DTH with one trisensor on the Aeotec edge driver - no issues.

(Just to be fair I have not tried the Fibaro on edge, just various DTH drivers)

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Is this the fingerprint data?

and are you suggesting I try changing:


Yep, thats it.

No, you can’t do this thru the IDE.

You’ll need to:

  1. Enroll your hub in the Beta Edge drivers if you haven’t already. See information here.. Enroll your hub thru the invite. Add the Zwave Sensor driver.
  2. Exclude your device.
  3. If you have any custom DTH’s installed for this device in the IDE you’ll need to remove them or comment out the fingerprints so they don’t match. It sounds like you don’t, so this should be okay.
  4. Include your device. It should pick up the beta edge driver that you installed in step 1. You’ll know if the “Drivers” options appears in the 3 dot/hamburger on the newly included device in the app. It will also appear as “placeholder” in the IDE if its using an Edge driver.
  5. :fireworks:
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This one, correct?

Yeah, so I didn’t install a custom DTH… It just included with that “Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5”.

I excluded and then did a SCAN NEARBY. It took several attempts, but if finally showed up… as “Strips By Sensative”. Does that mean I didn’t get the beta driver installed correctly? or that it thinks I have a fingerprint match elsewhere?


Hmm… I would have expected it to join correctly with the zwave sensor driver you installed.

  1. What is shown in the IDE for the newly included device now?
  2. Do you have a “Drivers” option in your 3 dot menu on the device in the mobile app?


The old “built in” DTH based driver has the following fingerprints:

		fingerprint mfr: "010F", prod: "0801", model: "2001", deviceJoinName: "Fibaro Motion Sensor"
		fingerprint mfr: "010F", prod: "0801", model: "1001", deviceJoinName: "Fibaro Motion Sensor"
		fingerprint mfr: "010F", prod: "0801", deviceJoinName: "Fibaro Motion Sensor"

The beta driver has:

Which is the same level of match (010F-0801) as the 3rd fingerprint in the DTH.

Your device is a 010F-0801-2002. So it should match at the same “detail level” (first 2 parameters only) for both the built in DTH and the newly installed Edge driver. The installed Edge driver should take precedence when both are at the same match level. I’m not sure why its not…

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ok… so I guess it’s time to return the Fibaro?? Unless you have other suggestions… (I SO appreciate your efforts!)

Couple things I would check:

  1. In the mobile app, go to your hub’s device tile, under 3 dots choose “Drivers”. Make sure the Zwave Sensor driver you installed earlier is actually there. This menu (hidden under the hub device) shows both your installed drivers and what channels your hub is subscribed to.
  2. Look in the IDE to see what the new join reports as. If not “placeholder” its still using non Edge drivers for some reason.

Without having the device here its hard for me to see what its doing and why. Another user has said they didn’t have a great experience with the device, so that might weigh into your decision too.

This is what I see:

The Edge part looks correct.

The fact that its joining with the “Strips by Sensative” driver is odd. That reference isn’t listed in the SmartThings DTH driver repository so there must some other logic taking effect here. It might take contacting FIbaro support to work with ST to make sure that your device is working correctly with Edge.

Fibaro support has taken the position for several years that their devices are certified to the independent Z wave third-party standard and they are not going to do anything further to make them work with proprietary platforms. Which includes both SmartThings DTH’s and smartthings Edge drivers. So they will just tell you that their device works fine with a certified Z wave hub using Zwave commands. For anything else you need to contact the hub manufacturer. :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s not an unreasonable position for a company to take, although they don’t express it with much sympathy.

It feels to me like Sensative wedged something in there as part of getting their devices WWST and its overriding the normal logic that should take effect to properly join the Fibaro,


So what do you guys think, then? Return the Fibaro device while I can get my $$ back?

…And what are your favorite comparable devices I might try instead?

It seems like weird device types started being picked once they introduced edge into the fingerprinting process. I’ve never tried to do a partial edge fingerprint match like this where the model isn’t present, so I’m not sure if that actually works to bring it into edge right now. I’m betting what’s happening is that it’s failing to get pulled into edge and then it’s just getting the wrong DTH. This probably needs the full fingerprint in the edge driver.


What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

At this point, to be honest, I’m delaying all hardware decisions until smartthings platform transition is complete and matter is out.

But if you forced me to pick a zwave sensor today, I would look at Zooz as being the most likely to work well with edge drivers.

Even though Aeotec is the hardware partner for smartthings, they seem willing to let compatibility with the platform drop to just basic features. (See, for example, the Aeotec wallmote quad, which supports more features with most other Z wave hubs than it does with smartthings.)

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You’re probably right. Makes user testing the beta edge drivers that do have partial matches as fingerprints contained within difficult though.

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Are you wanting Lux/temperature and motion? Or just motion. And what is your use case for motion? Security? Lighting?

If I was getting motion for indoor lighting I would probably go Zigbee with Hue sensors. Temperature I would do with other sensors.

Yeah, I need LUX and MOTION… would like to have TEMP, too.

Use Cases:

  1. LUX for control of shades & blinds
  2. MOTION for awareness of people / animals in my back yard
  3. TEMP for control of outdoor ceiling fans. (Currently using SmartWeather Station Tile, which fine… but that reading could be several miles from my house.)