Fibaro FGMS-001-ZW5-UK Gen 5

Hi All,

So I had a look through the forums and couldn’t find anything going over the FGMS-001-ZW5 Gen 5 in any detail so im starting here.

I want the ability/device handler that can modify the settings such as wake time, temperature report internal, and more importantly LED control for colour and notification. I have 5 of these around the house and 1 of them is located in the baby room, it’s quite annoying that it flashes with motion and more annoying to know that you can turn it off with option 80, but at present you cant set that option in ST.

here’s the guide for the Gen 5 with all the options;

So I’m aware ST has the device handler “Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5” but this lacks any configuration options. I’ve also seen the device handler for FGMS-001 but this isn’t for the Gen 5 and simply doesn’t configure or report correctly.

I refuse to think I’m alone here so either I’m missing something simple or I’m going mad.

Anyone? :confused:

Here you go

Thanks @CSC I’ve applied that device type to 2 devices and amended attribute 80 to 0 . Both are sat with ‘Pending’ on the config despite several triple click wake commands from the device. I’ll leave them for the default 2 Hour config poll and see if that works. Thank you so far though!

@CSC is there a trick to get them to update? triple pressed the wake button a few times to wake the device and 24h later both are still sat saying pending and the LED still flashes.
look to have read all the attributes in correctly and it’s functioning as a sensor fine so the rest works, but wont update it’s config.