Motion / Lux / Temp sensors

I personally would go with separate devices. The placement for a motion sensor is not going to be ideal to get stable temperature readings. For outdoor motion only I think I would go with the Hue outdoor sensor too.

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I use a Aeotec Tri-Sensor in the exact way you want to, it works fine for my placement the Lux range is very wide 0 - 32767. The temperature sensor is good but I have it mounted to a 10’ stucco ceiling so it does tend to be a high reading. I only use the motion sensor to check if someone is on the patio to turn the fan on if above 85•f. Battery life is ok, but I hate batteries so I recently converted it by adding a power buck in the battery compartment and the battery cover has a notch in it that allows the wires to clear without any modifications to the plastic housing.

Once I did that I started to use it in place of sunset and sunrise in my automations and increased the frequency of Lux readings and motion events.


Thanks Nick!

What DTH are you using? Classic ST? Custom? Edge?

Interested in your power modification. Can you shoot some pictures and / wiring diagrams / parts list?

The only trace I can find of ‘Strips By Sensative’ is a custom DTH created by ‘doncaruana’ that has an odd looking (to my eyes) fingerprint in it. I haven’t analysed it but it looks rather generic. However I can’t see how you’d pick it up unless you have it installed as a custom handler.


Edge, Aeotec Group, TriSensor.

And this is the voltage buck:

But honestly if you are going to be buying the sensor I would just buy one that is USB powered

Or Aeotec MultiSensor 7

I have 12 Volt camera power supplies that I connected to for the DC power

As previously posted Aeotec trisensor and multisensor.

Multisensor has dual batteries or usb power option.

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Do you happen to have any experience with the Beta Edge drivers for window shades / blinds? I currently have “Somfy Z-Wave Shades and Blinds Multi tile” and “somfy-shades” DH’s in use, and wondering if/how they’ll work with the new Beta Edge drivers.

And they will automatically change over at some point (before the end of the month?), right? As opposed to manually changing them on demand now (via an EXLCUDE / INCLUDE process), right?

Will need the fingerprint from the devices to know for sure. Available from the “additional data” section on the IDE.

Type somfy-shades
Raw Description zw:L type:1105 mfr:0047 prod:5A52 model:5402 ver:1.08 zwv:3.42 lib:07 cc:2C,72,26,20,25,2B,86

Type Somfy Z-Wave Shades and Blinds Multi tile
Raw Description zw:L type:1105 mfr:0047 prod:5A52 model:540C ver:1.08 zwv:3.42 lib:07 cc:2C,72,26,20,25,2B,86

No Somfy model window shades or blinds are currently listed in the stock Zwave window shade driver. There are Somfy models in the Zigbee window shade drivers but not Zwave.

thanks for checking!

so is that a pretty solid indicator that my Somfy devices will not function after the end of the month? (since they are custom DH’s…)

Its similar to this model?

That’s what I’m seeing. It’s an older controller that they wouldn’t have an easy time testing. It’s certainly possible to write a driver but you’d likely need one locally for development.

It’s actually this one:

Yeah the spec from the Alliance is the right model, the photo is wrong. ZRTSI II (confusing mix of letters). Looking at the DTH, there’s some timing calculations being done (start movement, wait, stop movement) and such. I wouldn’t do an Edge driver conversion without one in person.

I see Hubitat has a community driver for it though.

Sorry for my naivety… Does a Hubitat community driver help me?

If you decide to convert to Hubitat. It’s an option. :slight_smile:

Looking a bit closer, you may be able to pair the virtual nodes and they will simply use the Zwave Switch driver. The Open/Close functionality would be there and possibly multi level (0-100%).

You could try it although you’d need to jump thru a few hoops especially if you want to support both your working DTH implementation but with a virtual node or two in a test configuration. If you’re interested in that we can suggest a test plan.

Does the DTH present that as a single device or as child devices for each window treatment? Link to the DTH?

Another option is Bond. I’m using that for my RTS awning. The cloud to cloud integration works fine, and there’s a community driver (I haven’t tried it) that is all local.

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The master device pairs as one fingerprint, and each virtual device on the unit pairs as their own fingerprints.

fingerprint mfr: "0047", prod:"5A52", deviceId: "5400" //  Master controller
fingerprint mfr: "0047", prod:"5A52", deviceId: "5401" //  Virtual node 1
fingerprint mfr: "0047", prod:"5A52", deviceId: "5402" //  Virtual node 2
fingerprint mfr: "0047", prod:"5A52", deviceId: "5403" //  Virtual node 3

LOL - I’ve done enough conversion (WebCoRE & ActionTiles → SharpTools) and misc prep for Edge drivers in the last several weeks. While the retired IT person in me enjoys the tinkering, I’m ready to have the conversion project done and working, and move on to other “honey-do” projects. :smile:

My current implementation only gives me OPEN/CLOSE/PRESET settings. (I can set and level, but all the 1-100 values will implement OPEN/CLOSE/PRESET.) So if what you are proposing is only those 3 settings, I’m totally fine with that.

I am - but would first want to understand what implications any new Edge drivers might have. (Or did you say there aren’t any for what I would need?)

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