Most of my Zigbee devices offline & can't rejoin (Nov 2022)

A couple of days ago most of my Zigbee devices went offline and no matter what I do to try add them again they don’t. Putting them into pairing mode, nothing is found, even though they’re from different manufacturers and different devices.

Here’s a few of the device types:

  • Ikea Tradfri GU10 bulb
  • Ikea Tradfri 1000lm bulb
  • Ikea motion sensor
  • Wemo zigbee white bulb
  • Xiaomi Aqara button
  • Xiaomi Aqara temp humidty sensor

Does anyone have any understanding if this is a broader hub (US v2) update issue or a device driver issue? From reading topics here, I can’t work out where to start with diagnosing this.

Android or iOS app? What version? Does the led on the hub flash green when trying to pair the devices? Firmware version on your hub? Looked in No Room Assigned?

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Android v.
Hub US v2: firmware 000.045.00011

Yes, Hub LED flashes when scanning for devices, but times out without finding any of the pairing devices.
I’ve tried unplugging the hub for a few hours and then powering it up to see if it would reacquire those offline devices, but no luck.

Nothing new showing up under ‘No Room Assigned’. My Tasmota Edge devices are fine and reliable, but every Zigbee device is now offline and not returning.

With the recent firmware updates on the hub, users have been reporting issues with devices falling offline. The inability to rejoin the devices you removed is slightly unusual. You may want to search for Community developed Edge drivers for these devices, add them to your hub and try to join the devices.

Just curious… have you installed any Edge drivers to your hub and how many do you have installed?

The only Edge driver installed is rock solid, Tasmota Edge which uses HTTP for its devices. I did remove Webcore entirely, as part of this troubleshooting round, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t be related to this odd behaviour.

After a lot more Hub reboots, periods of powered off, and tons of scanning for devices, none of the pairing devices were detected. I did notice that occasionally some of the Zigbee bulbs would check-in and be there for a short while, before going offline again.

I have now changed my Zigbee channel from 19 to 25, re-scanned and found devices!

It looks like that channel change has got many of the devices back, but I ran out of time to see if I could get them all, but the Smartthings Multi Sensors seem to be the only ones now that haven’t shown up at all in any attempts.

I’ll check later to see if the other devices have shown up on their own, or can be paired, and if these current ones are still there… but, this seems to smell a bit like a channel conflict. If it is, it’s odd that in 6 years of operating the hub, I’ve never experienced it before.

I’ll keep you posted.