Every Zigbee device is offline (Jan 2020)

I came home from Christmas with my kids and every Zigbee device is offline. I count 86 devices total. I am not able to find a single Zigbee device that shows online. I am afraid that my Zigbee radio has gone out. Can someone in support look at it. @Brad_ST

I have rebooted several times and nothing changes.

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Have you emailed support yet? I highly recommend you do.

Have you checked the IDE to see the “State” of your Zigbee radio? It should look like this:


Are any of those devices functional (turn on/off, reporting temperature, etc)? You may have to look in the IDE to see/check values. It could just be that the mobile app says offline but they may be just fine.


All of the above suggestions had been tried before posting here. Yes the Zigbee radio is listed as functional even though it is not… Support was contacted and we went through all of the same trouble shooting procedures that I had already done on my own. Their only solution was to reset the hub. I have over 230 devices on the hub. Resetting the hub is a major task. I have also been affected by the nearly bi-weekly devices falling offline issue that has been occurring as of late.

So I found a solution of my own…I ordered a Hubitat hub.

That’s very odd. I have 270 devices, almost all but 12 are zigbee devices. They’ve been rock solid for months now.

I’m assuming you’ve already gone through resetting your zigbee mesh to rebuild and improve devices routing through your zigbee mesh routing capable devices? How many of those do you have in your mesh? Did support also have you check your router’s wifi channel to make sure its not the same as your ST hub to avoid interference issues?

They did not but I made sure that my Wifi channel did not interfere long ago. I have reset the Zigbee mesh on occasion but currently the hub isn’t communicating with a single Zigbee device so resetting it again isn’t an option. All zigbee devices disconnected from the hub at 2019-12-31 9:29:50.076 PM CST or there abouts, 4 days ago . I am afraid that it is dead. Although a reset may fix it, if I am starting over, I am starting over with a new hub.

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And support didn’t suggest doing a soft reset?

Let’s tag @BroderickCarlin, maybe he can give some advice what is wrong with your Zigbee radio.

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No but I did it already and it didn’t fix anything.

Hey @ImStillMe,

Sorry to hear you are having issues. If you shoot me a PM with the email address associated with your account I’ll gladly dig in and we can get to the bottom of whats going on here!


Done. Thank you.

Keep us posted on things go for you!

Well @BroderickCarlin came through and I thank him very much. He was able to restore my Zigbee table from a backup prior to when things went haywire. We still do not know the reason every Zigbee device went AWOL but RF interference of some kind seems to be the cause. What ever it was, I was not home when it happened and we had been away for 10 days. I live in a single family home on an acre in the middle of no where, so it is very odd.


Good to hear that @BroderickCarlin could help you out! :+1:

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@BroderickCarlin I seem to be having the same issue here. About 12 hours ago every single zigbee device went offline. I’ll the z-wave stuff is fine. Can you help?

Mind shooting me a PM with the email address associated with your account so I can take a look?

I think I’m too new to the site to sen you a PM. Once I get my account to the proper level I’ll touch base. Thanks for replying though.

I was hoping you could assist me as well. All of my Zigbee devices went offline yesterday while I was out of the house. I have attempted rebooting the hub and resetting power to the devices to no avail.

It seems like Zigbee devices with next hop to Hub are capable of transmitting state info TO the hub (such as wattage), however the hub is unable to successfully send messages to the Zigbee devices (unable to turn devices on/off or dim from the app ).

Can you please troubleshoot on your end as you have with others? I’ve PMed you my account email. Thank you!

I discovered the root cause of the problem. Last night I plugged in a USB 3.0 hard drive to a server close to my hub. This apparently is causing interference with Zigbee 2.4ghz signal. When I unplugged the USB hard drive from my nearby server, the issue immediately resolved. How strange and odd, however happy I discovered the culprit.


I seem so to have exactly the same problem. All zigbee devices randomly went off this morning around 5am and have not come back despite unplugging and replugging in, batteries out and in etc.
2 Plugs are showing as online but even they cant be controlled.
@BroderickCarlin are you able to help with this please? I did raise a ticket this morning with screenshots etc but no luck so far Support request #902352



@BroderickCarlin Hello - would you be able to potentially reset my Zigbee table as well?