Most of my devices are unavailable/offline. How can I fix this without removing and adding everything again?

Yesterday my ST hub when offline and online repeatedly throughout the day. Once it stopped all of my devices were listed as unavailable.

So far I have checked their status within both the new and classic apps and it’s the same. I have also attempted to update the configuration of a device thinking that may do the trick. It didn’t. I also power cycled the hub. The last thing I did was log into the site select an offline device and then try to update it there. It did not bring the device online. The only devices showing as ACTIVE are my presence sensors (cell phones). Any idea what I can do to reconnect these devices?

Two things to try:

  1. Use the classic app to operate each device and wait for upto 72 hours for sleepy devices to report their status
  2. Turn off device health from the Classic app under the More tab

Thank you for the guidance. I tried both and neither worked unfortunately. I guess it didn’t take 72 hours to get an updated status. I’m at a loss. I have had to re-add all of my devices twice in the past and it is such a laborious task that I am hoping I don’t have to go that route. If I do, is there a way to back up all of my settings and simply reapply them once all of the devices are added?

V2 Hub? If a v2 hub, did you remove the power cord and batteries?

It’s a V2 and yes, I removed both and then I let it sit for about an hour.

No there isn’t a way to backup devices but before you go down that route I would reach out to ST support