Hub goes offline, comes back but none of the devices come back online

I’ve had a ST hub for about 8 months with 30-ish devices, mostly open close sensors, some locks, fire alarms, and water sensors as well.

Everything worked reasonably well until about two weeks ago, my hub went offline, then back online several times, once for an extended period of time. After that, all devices were offline. I am reasonably sure there was no power outage or internet issue, my internet is pretty reliable, I stream live TV on it every day. I called support and they showed me how to do a reset on the supported devices so that I wouldn’t have to remove and re-add them. When I asked how this could happen, they simply blamed it on my hub going offline, either from a power issue or internet issue.

So I went around to EVERY device and reset it, I figured out on the ‘unsupported’ devices how to reset them. Some of them I had to remove and re-add. A couple DAYS later, I had a functioning system again.

Last night the hub goes down again, once for about 30-40 minutes, the second time for like 5 min. Guess what, all my devices are offline. I dread calling support because they are absolutely no help. I’m not going to reconnect every device manually every couple weeks.

Seems like there are people on these forums that have had similar issues, but I haven’t seen a good solution or answer.

I also don’t understand why if the hub goes offline, then all the devices are lost forever. That seems like a poor design.

Also, before work this morning, I rebooted the hub and tried to ‘repair’ a few of the devices in the same manner I did last time, and it did not bring them back online.

Can anyone give me suggestions on how to fix or information on why this might be happening? Blaming it on a power failure or internet connection (as support agents do) doesn’t help. I find it hard to believe that the system is so fragile that a power or internet interruption (which I’m not convinced is even happening) knocks all the devices offline permanently.

that is odd. I’ve lost power a few times, and did not re-pair or reset anything . Maybe you are watching too closely. Did you wait an hour or two?

I have cycled power on the hub 2-3 times in the last year - I don’t think it was for power failure, but it would not hurt. Make sure the batteries are out, and I suggest always leave them out for safety and easier maintenance.

Been like 16 hours now, last time it was several days.

Sorry to bring back an old topic. But this is happening to me also.

My hub lost power, and about 5 Stelpro thermostats, and all motion sensors (AQARA and Hue motion sensor) went offline forever.

These devices are all Zigbee… not sure what could be done to avoid this.

I had to reset each sensor, and exclude/include the thermostats… very annoying.

Any workaround?

Same issue here (Cox) and with so many devices is UPS the only answer? Climbing a ladder to reconnect NEST cameras is painful not mention the numerous devices.

Hi! Found the solution?

No solution. It recently happened to me. It was due to a power failure, but I won’t keep a product that cannot overcome this sort of events. I just ordered a Hubitat hub. SmartThings was getting on my nerves for a while now.