Devices show on and offline

I have been a ST user since it was on Kickstarter. I now have the v2 hub with about 75 different devices. Mostly Smartthings devices.

For about 2 months now, I load up my app and each time I load it, different devices show offline. I’ll go back in and some are back on. This is happening all the time now.

I’ve replaced the batteries in the hub, restarted the hub and devices.

What else can I do?

Are you using the new app, or Classic? If it’s the new app, this is common behavior (for now). Eventually the new app will get past this inconvenience, so for now stay with Classic unless you have to use the new app.

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disable device health and see if that helps

I have both apps installed. Both keep fluctuating which devices are okay.

Is there a system wide problem?

Do these devices show offline but they work fine? Or they show offline and don’t work either. Your neighbor may have gotten a super duper fancy new router and is interfering with your mostly SmartThings (Zigbee) devices. Or maybe you have changed something in your home?

They work when they are connected. About an hour ago 22 devices weren’t working. An hour later and they are working. Didn’t do anything

I’ve seen that behavior too, but I monitor that via the IDE instead of the mobile apps. I also have Device Health turned off like @jkp recommended.

When you say you have mostly SmartThings devices, do you mean things like sensors and their smart plugs? What I’d like to know is if your problem devices are all/mostly Zigbee, or you also have issues with Zwave devices, like GE switches.

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I use the Device Health as guidance to know which DTH fails. I rarely have issues with Zigbee devices showing offline (SmartThings sensors or otherwise). I did have issues with some Iris devices incorrectly reporting status or battery. But they were working fine even though they were showing “offline”. Switching DTH in ide and then switching back to generic DTH fixed the offline message. If the sensors/devices don’t work, that points to a local mesh issue.

Have you performed a zwave and zigbee repair? If not, that would be my first suggestion.